Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I talked to Soony yesterday.

We had a nice telephone conversation about what I should or should not pack for the trip and we talked about what we'll do while I'm there (besides attending her wedding!).

Elena will arrive the second week I'm there. She is from Valencia in Spain and was hosted by family friends during the same time that Soony was here with us. She and Soony became friends and Elena spent almost as much time with us as she did with her host family. I haven't seen her in just over 14 years so it's a special treat to be able to spend time with her also on this trip. I'm going to ask her if she remembers who nervously taught her to drive (grin).

The first question Soony asked me was if I had packed yet. I think she has forgotten what a procrastinator I am. I'll do the folding, rolling, and finally the stuffing of the luggage a week from Sunday and not one minute before. She put my mind at ease about how I'd manage to get a winter coat into my bag by telling me there was no need to bring one. Hubby-to-be, Erik, works with his family in their factory where they make coats so he'll just bring some home for Elena and I to wear while we're there.

If Tine's schedule will allow it, Soony said we'd drive over to meet her the first week I'm there.

I'm beginning to get excited ya'll.

Soony and Elena, Summer 2004.

The Happy Couple

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post photos while I'm there, but I should be able to post to my blog occasionally while I'm away.

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Excellent, love it!