Saturday, November 06, 2004

To Do List before the trip (but I'll probably lose it )

  1. Buy nicotine patches (I'm going to try not to smoke much while I'm away)
  2. Buy an extra SD disk for camera and extra batteries for both cameras
  3. Make sure battery is fully charged for Video camera and remember the tapes and the voltage converter that Kim and Dennis sent.
  4. Buy some packable gifts (and wrap)
  5. Do some major house cleaning
  6. Wrap the Christmas gifts I've already bought to have ready to put under the tree (which goes up the Friday after Thanksgiving here)
  7. Show James how to use the washer and dryer
  8. Pay all of Dec bills on Nov. 27th
  9. Buy travelers checks
  10. Find a large purse/tote so I'll have room for all my junk (passport, tickets, ect..)
  11. Try on clothes and decide what to pack
  12. Talk to Jerri and Jami to see what they'll be willing to do to help Zach and James while I'm away.
  13. Make sure there is acceptable food in the fridge and cupboards for the two junk addicts.
  14. Stop periodically to cry and pull my hair out because I'm not an organized person and I don't think I can DO all of this.
  15. Call Ms. Bea for a haircut appt.
16. Confirm my flight information and print eticket on Nov 27th or 28th.

I've only got just a tad over 3 weeks to do all this. Am I forgetting anything??