Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Almost a full day already.

It's just 7 a.m. here and I already feel like I've done a day's work. It took 4 trips back to the bedroom to finally convince the Terrorist that if he didn't get out of the bed I was going to resort to commando tactics. Then I had to prod him awake a couple of times to prevent his nose-dive into his pancakes. I actually had to put belt in hand to convince him to interrupt his happy, naked, dance down the hall after he'd done the pot thing and brushed his teeth (what is it with kids who insist on removing every item of clothes to use the bathroom?) After he finally decided it may be a wise move to replace his underwear on his little, naked, butt, it took 20 minutes for him to put the other 4 items of clothes and 1 pair of shoes on.

I'm so glad the school bus arrived on time!

Now, here I sit sipping my 3rd cup of coffee whilst trying to remember when the beauty salon opens so I can call to see if Ms. Bea is up to giving me a trim today. I reckon I should also drive over to Helena today and get James's truck tags before I forget and get into more trouble than I usually do around here.

Terrorist Tutorials

Jerri took this photo on Saturday of one of our fine delta sunsets.

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