Friday, March 31, 2006

Are we ready to elect a woman for President of the U.S.?

During my lifetime there have been 10 different Presidents. Since there have only been 43 in all, I've lived during the terms of almost a 4th of them. (man that makes me feel older than dirt!) The first president that I had an awareness of was President John F. Kennedy and I still admire the changes he made in this country concerning equal treatment and rights for our citizens. Since his assassination we've been treated to a variety of leaders who, for the most part, did the best they could with what they had to work with.


We've had the shysters, the actor, the peaceful and passive, the warmongers (you know who you are), and the whoremonger (I'll leave this last one in singular form but I really feel that more than one might have filled this description but only one was so shitty at it that he kept getting caught). Of the 10, I believe there were 4 who were married to women who'd have done a damn sight better job as president than her hubby (I'll leave you to guess which ones).

I believe, after all that nonsense, we're ready for a woman's touch in the Whitehouse and I don't mean for choosing the draperies and china (although being a woman she'd be able to handle those as well and without foregoing any of her normal presidential duties!) We need someone who will say, "STOP! WAIT! We need to pause to ask for directions here", and someone who'll be more responsible in decisions about which buttons to push and why because we know how men deal with these situations (think of vacations and the TV remote here).

There are possible facts about human nature and anatomy that would support the capabilities of a woman too. For one, men don't think with their whole brain or maybe it's that they don't think as fast as women do,,,I forget which it is,,,anyway, men have to stay focused on ONE THING AT A TIME or they lose focus. We know this is not so with women because we've been trained from the cave to handle multiple tasks. Ask any mother who's prepared dinner with a child on her hip while helping child 1 and 2 with homework, keeping one eye and ear on what the weatherman is saying on TV so she'll know what to dress the kiddies in the next day, and during which time, she has answered the phone at least 10 times. She'll know exactly what I'm talking about here.

For another, women aren't as quick to anger and kill as the male of the species. We've had practice with this as we raised our young to adulthood and kept them from doing irreversible harm to their siblings. And men fail to give the female credit for standing up and doing the right thing when the time comes, as any bully who ever dotted the eye of one her babies found out. Women are just better at making rules and having everyone else obey them, without bloodshed.

I've always believed behind every successful man is the woman who got him there, so yep, I believe it's time for the men to step aside (unless we need their muscle) and let a woman do the job. And get the credit for it!!


JimBob said...

For men to vote for a woman for president, it has to be someone that they respect. The only one I can think of is getting long in the tooth and has citizenship issues. I'd vote for Margaret Thacher in a second otherwise!

Brenda said...

Ha! See? We get no respect!

cassie-b said...

I'm ready. Now let's see who steps up to the plate. I can make one guess - no, I can make 2 guesses.

Have a nice weekend.

Leslie said...

Excellent points. It will take the leadership of women to finally turn this world around.

Mary Lou said...

anyone but Hillary!! we dont have room for a first whoremonger!

Mary Lou said...

how about Oprah for President!

BjB said...

I think it's been time for a woman for a while. Which one, I don't know.

Sally said...

I think it's time also. The only problem I see, there's not one so far that I would vote for. Oprah, Mary Lou, PUHLEEZ... But, on the other hand, there's not a man I know of (so far) that I would vote for either. But I will say this, Ms. Brenda, I'm afraid the next one will just be another good ol boy who has too much money, and time on his hands with friends who have too much money and time on their hands. We're in beeg trouble, as you know.

Joe said...

I bet your voting for Opera! Wait what's the Arkensaw girls name that hangs out with Bill! :-)

Joan said...

I nominate you Brenda..go get em.

Special K said...

I don't know where this idea comes from that if women were at the helm, peace and love would reign. Let's not forget crazy Golda Meir, or Indira Ghandi, or Maggie Thatcher -- all of whom either took their countries to war, or fostered enough hatred among their countrymen to get their asses assassinated.

But then again, why not give a woman a chance to fuck things up as the men have? Equal opportunity is the name of the game, heh heh.

Andie Pandie said...

Something has to change and change but soon too because slowly women in this country are losing their rights. Pretty soon we won't be able to vote anymore and will need our husbands' permission for everything. :/

Holly said...

i want a woman in the whitehouse. i'm reading a book thats got my hidden feminist sensibilities all kicked up.
Down the with Patriarchy!

wanda said...

I believe there is only one woman in this country who MIGHT stand a chance of being elected. That's Hillary Clinton. The only problem is she'd have to carry the entire northeast, northwest, and west, because the south and the southwest will never vote for a woman. Not even the majority of WOMEN in the south will vote for a woman. Which just goes to show that women like us (you and me Bren) are few and far between.

What I don't get is what anyone thinks a woman could possibly do that would be any worse than what's already been done. Sally nailed it with "we're in deep poo". I also suspect her prediction is pretty close to right.

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