Saturday, March 25, 2006

Calf rope!

I give. I hope this look will see me through Spring or at least until I can find something else to wreck my brain with.

The tax company I've been working at for two seasons has lost a lot of clients this year to one of those "quick money" places who practiced some slightly illegal activities to haul in those type of clients so I told the owner a few weeks ago, if things didn't pick up I wouldn't be one bit upset if she didn't need me anymore this year. Even though things haven't been as busy as I've seen in past years, I really was having a hard time this year keeping up with my tax clients at home and working in town too. Maybe I'm just getting too grumpy at my age to handle the stress of it all because I surely did get tired pretty quick after putting in 8 or 9 hours at that job and then another few here at home in the evenings. Add helping with 3rd grade homework to that and you've got the formula for a real bitchy woman.

Anyway, I'm now down at the office in town for the year and hopefully with tax clients at home too so I can concentrate more on the bookkeeping clients I have and in getting this junked up office in some sort of order. I've got a new desk in here plus the old desk which I'll need to keep for the extra storage and loads of other stuff I'll have to find a place for. I'm a pack-rat so this could be an enormous job staring me in the face.

I'd best get back to paying the bills so ya'll have a great weekend!


Brent said...

Our family lawyer does my taxes, and we visited him today. He's 83 years old, and just does the work that he enjoys doing. He's a great old guy and I'll miss him when he's gone. He talked about the old days when he did EVERYONE'S taxes and how stressfull it was. Take a deep breath, Brenda!!!

BJB said...

This looks really nice!

Good grief, I just realized we're going to have to remember to get our taxes done in the middle of all of this moving mess. Gah.

Cal said...

I hate sorting through things. I find it so hard to throw anything out! I like this look, especially the picture in the background.

Joan said...

It's looking purdy in here. I love the flowers. Where did you get this one from?

Don't work too hard.

Sally said...

I love it in here! It's beautiful. :)

Joe said...

I hope you had a good weekend girl. My wife does the family taxes. This year I think she wanted to scream!

Brenda said...

Brent Sometimes ya need a lawyer to understand the new things the IRS comes up with. I hope he gets ya a refund this year!

Whew Kim, as if you didn't have enough on your mind! Maybe you'll get a nice fat refund too!

Miz Cal, Joan, and Sally I made this one from a combination of two templates. I liked the layout on a blogspot one and found the graphic at another place. I can almost smell those blooms!

Had a great weekend Joe thank you kindly!

I think I was asleep when I did this post because I was trying to say I was done with the tax office for the year. lol.