Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've tweeked and tweeked, and cursed, and moaned, and I still can't figure out the code to fix this crooked danged template. It's driving me bonkers so I'm working on similiar one which could possibly be the one to put me in the straight jacket.

I wonder if they'll let me have coffee and cigs in one of those places for the insane?

Abbie is spending some of her spring break from pre-school with the Chick. Jerri told me about this conversation,

Abie: Jerri, I'm right handed.

The Chick: Momma, I'm wrong handed.

There are times when I think this child has a few of my genes.

I'm spending spring break with Zach and it rained all weekend, and Monday, so guess who else has been home the past 2 days? I told them last night I'd run away from home if I had somewhere to go! Sometimes a quiet, padded, room sounds like the ticket!


Nat said...

Some days.... I haven't changed my blog layout in SO long. Hope the rest of your week goes a bit easier and you're able to enjoy some good weather! ~otto

Virginia Gal said...

I want that bummer sticker (expanding mind not ass)!

David said...

It does no good to runaway - you must come back LOL.

Joe said...

If you can run and runand have the $s i'm ready!

Cal said...

You have my sympathy with the template, Brenda! I always approach anything to do with the computer beyond the very basic with a lot of trepidation! Hope the rain stops soon.

wanda said...

"I'd run away if I had somewhere to go."

Have mercy woman do I know that feeling. The problem with running away is that eventually the place you run to, becomes home. Then you start needing to run away again.

Sringbreak begins this week for my Zach, and he will be spending it with us. I'll be ready for the crazy house by this time next week. If they have pie, I may just go without protest.