Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just a glimpse

I think I've written about this at one time or another but here it is again.

When I was around 10 or 11 I was running through the house chasing one of my sisters and ran knee first into the head of a nail that had worked it's way out of a door facing. My mom says she's not sure if the pain was so intense that I couldn't catch my breath and just stopped breathing and fell to the floor or if I stopped breathing when my head bounced off the floor after I passed out from the intense pain, but either way, when she reached me I wasn't breathing.

My only clear memory from the incident was running through the house, and then suddenly being in the most beautiful garden I could ever have imagined. The grass was tall and lucious, the trees a deep, calming, green, and there were flowers everywhere, as far as I could see. I felt totally and completely at peace. I could hear my mother call me from far off and I remember thinking I wish she'd hush and go away. Then just as suddenly, I was lying in the floor, having my teeth shaken out of me by my mother. I had a sore knee and a knot on my head for a few days but no lasting effects from my injury, the nail didn't even break my skin.

For years I never told anyone about the "garden" part of the experience but one day I read a book about near death experiences and realized, "Hey, that happened to me", and later on I asked my Mom about that day and told her what I remembered about it. She just said, "Well, you never know." I know I'll never forget that place I visited for those few seconds and if that's what is waiting for us on the "other side", then we surely have nothing to fear from death.


David said...

WOW - what a memory.

Sally said...

Awesome. Thank you.

wanda said...

Well that certainly explains the "I've experienced it..." line.
How wonderful that after all these years you still remember those few moments. Of course I guess it's not the kind of thing you forget is it?
I sure hope your right and that is what awaits us on the 'other side'. Won't that be 'heavenly'?

cassie-b said...

Thanks for sharing.

My father had a "near death experience" as he was having surgery. He never told anyone but my Mother. I guess he was afraid people wouldn't believe him. He's gone now, and I hope it was as wonderful as he describet to my Mother.

Leslie said...

Brenda, what an amazing experience. I think I'd find that to be one deep source of comfort, too. I don't doubt for one millisecond that there's a wonderful place beyond this one; I've never met anyone before who's been lucky enough to see it.

So cool.

But I'm really glad you're here.

Virginia Gal said...

That is incredible - thank you for sharing. Despite my faith, I still have fear of death and it is nice to know that maybe it isn't so bad.

Mary Lou said...

I am not afraid of DEATH I just m not looking forward to the PROCESS.

Anonymous said...

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