Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Southernisms

We know how to speak the proper English down here but I reckon we hafta sound the way we do for it to go along with our life style,,laid back and slow to anger. All things move slower in the south, so it's only proper that our language is spoken with a slow drawl.

Every so often I like to post a few words just in case a yankee might want to practice before making their way south.

a- A prefix added to the present participle to make it purtier, e.g. "Abe's a-workin in backer t'day; Ma's a-talkin to you, son!" (see also agwine, agonna; acoming, aworking, etc.)

Aggravatin- a. Bothersome. Etymology: Citified English aggravate meaning "make worse".

Airy- pro. Any but only singular: "You got airy (a) coon dog left?" Antonym of nairy.

Allow- v. To concede, grant, suppose, figure, expect. examples: "I allus allowed he'd hafta git mared."

Awl- a. Ever damn one. Damyankees spell it "all".

Bidnis- n. What you get down to or stay out of other people's, as in, "That ain't none a yore dad-burned bidnis!" (Southerners don't like "s" before "n", do you?).

Booger- n. Nose stuffing; a rascal, as in "Come here, you little booger!"

Booger man- n. Something or somebody that'll gitcha.

Cackleberry- n. Egg. Go figure.

Caint- v. aux. Can not.

Catty-corner(ed)- a. Diagonal.

Cattywampus- a. Askew, awry; not straight.

That outta be enough for you to waller around on for a day or two if you're of a mind to. Ya'll have a good day now, ya hear?


BlueJean Baby said...

It's possible for me to speak a little southern. Not as much as you, I'm sure.
Since we're only an hour from Kentucky, it's amazing how when you cross the river, the accent changes. And mine will invariably change right along with it.

David said...

Those are good southern words in my book.

cassie-b said...

I knew a man in Charleston who was in bidness for hisself.

And I think cattywampus is a terrific word. I still use it, even now that I'm a yankee.

Sally said...

The way I hear-dit, dem are all good words in my neck a da woods. :)

wanda said...

Yep, that's us Sutherner's alright.

Curtis said...

I can say redneck cause I is one. Hello..came ovear from Phyllis' blog just for a peak and to wave ma hand. Glad to see someone still remembers how to speak english the proper way...southern. West Virginia here. That's ovair from war you is.