Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Flu Bug took a bite outta me

and as soon as I get to feeling just a little better I'm going to bite that little beastie back!

Since a week ago Thursday, when I took Zach to the doc, I've had this pounding headache but figured it was due to the stress of wrestling with a sick youngun. When it didn't get better I decided it was the added stress of the man getting sick. On Wednesday the hacking cough started, on Thursday the cough got worse and the muscle and joint aches started and I felt feverish. I couldn't even lay down to sleep cause the coughing and aches were so bad. I went to work Friday but after an hour I came back home. Finally, yesterday, Saturday, I went to see the doc and told him to give me some relief or shoot me. That man loves torture and had a nurse in there with a needle full of some anti-viral stuff telling me to drop my drawers before I could blink twice (it hurt to blink too mind you). A rootbeer sucker and a couple hundred bucks lighter and I was on my way home to sleep sitting up in my chair.

I still feel like crap but I think I'm gonna live now.

Hope ya'll are having a better weekend!


Cindra said...

Well, the good news is you were able to sit after a shot where your drawers reside. Hope you feel better really soon.

Holly said...

hope you're feeling better soon!

Leslie said...

Aw, Brenda, that sucks. I hope you'll be able to get all the rest you need to feel better. Don't you just hate it when you think you're the only one in the house to get off scot-free then, wham? At least you had the good sense to get to the doctor unlike me who waited way too long.

Feel good soon and take good care of yourself.

Cal said...

Hope you feel better soon, Brenda.

David said...

Wow did not realize you were feeling so poorly. Hope you are better this Sunday.

Mary Lou said...

I guess I am gonna have start wearing a mask when I blog-walk!!

you get yourself better quick, you know what those men of yours will do to your house if you stay in bed!!

Joan said...

Aww Brenda, hope you get better. Ya need a good stiff shot of Jack Daniels.

Take care!!

Ms. Vickie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, if Joan's Jack Daniels does
not work maybe a shot of Tequila will do the trick :)

Just rest as best you can, drink fluids so you stay hydrated
and make certain when you are feeling better you take things
slow so as not to relapse.

We will all be here when you return

Brent said...

Awww, Brenda, get better!! I hate to hear that your achin' and hurtin'. Practically everyone I know is sick. I'm happy to say that I'm not. Get well soon!

Phyllis said...

Good luck!!
I'm on my second week of this go-around, and my first one was in January!
Hope you bounce back real soon!!

4evergapeach said...

Just stopping by from David's blog (TX Ocean Lover) The title of your blog caught my eye. I love it!

Enjoyed many of your posts. Your grandaughter, Jillian, could be a twin to my neice! I was thrown for a loop when I saw her pic. Amazing!

Hope your feeling better. Never got a shot you-know-where, and hope I never have to!

Have a wonderful week!

wanda said...

I'm with Mary Lou, I'm gonna start wearing a face mask when I blog. Ya'll are passing this flu bug around like it was cheap candy on halloween.
I can't help but wonder, who's taking care of you now that your under the weather? My guess is....YOU.
Hope your better soon!!
Sick sucks. Especially when there's no one to take care of ya.

Sally said...

So sorry you're so sick. Please hurry and get well. Thinking of you. And, thanks so much for your nice email about our bebe. :)

Joe said...

Man that bug is making the rounds! Hope you're feeling cheper today! Hey I tag you girl for a Meme! Go to my place for directions!