Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Consistent I ain't

After a balmy 80 degrees yesterday we awoke to a nipply northerly 45 degrees this morning and for once I was up and at em (heck, I had to keep warm somehow). I was dressed before 7, had a stack of stuff loaded into the truck by the time the school bus fetched the kiddies at 10 past, and was on the road 3 minutes after that headed to Poplar Grove to pay bills for the Improvement Dist. before I had to be at the tax office at 8. I'm proud to say that I was only 1 minute late.

Things sort of went downhill from there.

I managed to finish up a tax return that had been sitting on my desk for a few days waiting for more information and it wasn't a busy day so things were going well until I had to move my truck and the office owner's car so the lawn folks wouldn't toss a rock through a window. I don't have one of those new fan-dangled keyless locks on my truck so I was toting around 2 sets of keys as I moved the vehicles. When I moved my truck I guess I thought I was holding my keys in my hand as I hopped out and shut the door. I wasn't, they weren't mine. Dumb, dumb move.

I have an extra key that I keep in my purse but for the past year or so, and 3 locked keys in truck instances, I haven't actually remembered which purse that key is in. I had to call the "fella that saves stranded women who lock their keys inside their vehicles" to come and use his tool to open my locked door. He thinks this is so amusing that it's with a sense of dread that I pick up the phone to call for assistance.


It wasn't enough that I had to work Monday which was supposed to be one of my days off and had to go in early today as well. It also didn't help to get the news that the reason I had to work Monday and go in early today is NOT COMING IN AT ALL THIS WEEK because she's milking this bug she has for all it's worth. (I'm not being cold-hearted here, just take my word for it, my aggravation is justified).


Zach came home with a discipline slip. It seems he used inappropriate language during reading lab so he was sent to the principal who took away two of his recesses this week. I asked Zach what was said and he told me the teacher heard him say that Michael had farted. I told him the next time Michael passed wind he should not say he farted but it would be perfectly ok for him to mention that Michael had flatulated, but only as a warning to others. I then signed the note and in the remark section I asked which language he inappropiately spoke. I'm not sure I spelled it right but if I get a reply, I'm sure it'll be because they'll feel they need to correct me.

I'm gonna need a day off to find that extra truck key, dammit.


BlueJean Baby said...

Oh, come on! Two recesses taken away for saying fart? They need to get real! That shouldn't be worth more than an eye roll.
I should know, I used to be a playground lady.
I keep my spare key in my wallet. That way it doesn't matter what purse I use. ;)

Hoot Nannie said...

Yep, your day went downhill! Sorry about that and hope today was better. My little one came home with a discipline slip today! She wouldn't quit talking when it was not her turn!! I am surprised she is just now getting that slip!

Did you find the spare key????

Holly said...

sorry you had a rough day. hope today is better!

Andie Pandie said...

Are you serious? Punished for saying fart? Good lord that's just silly.

Sorry you had a shitty Monday Brenda. Hopefully today will be better.

Cal said...

That sounds like one bad day! The rest of the week has to get better for you.

Sally said...

What a world, what a world. These 'supposedly grown up people' sure know how to pick up on the little things, and let the big things go. Good Lord - that teacher and principal must have been looking for someone to discipline.

Special K said...

I'd be thrilled to get sent home for saying fart. I think I just may have to pay Boss Man Tony a visit in his office and see if that won't do the trick.

Mary Lou said...

EGADS!! While I do agree that language usage has really gone down hill, Fart is not a swear word.

I have locked my keys in my car so many times. I used to have a spare in my purse, but on several occaisions I have even locked my PURSE in the car with the keys in the ignition. That's why I pay AAA 85.00 a year!

Joan said...

Well, for fart's sake!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!

Karnac says: your spare keys are in your black purse that is on the closet floor.

Leslie said...

Boy, when you have a bad day, you really go all out, eh? Geez, Brenda. Let's hope tomorrow's a better one.

Disciplining Zach for sayin' fart seems a little excessive. Poor kid.

Brent said...

Thanks for letting us know that we aren't the only ones who have bad days. Some, like me, just have them more than others.