Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here's the story

It seems that Bubbie was the "acting" Lieutenant, the acting part due to the fact that his rank is Sergeant, and they had 2 or more hoe squads working with officers over each squad. The Lieutenant's job, I believe, is to ride around and check on each squad. Anyway, the inmate ran and the Sergeant of that hoe squad told him to stop and when he didn't he shot at him. Bubbie noticed a highway department truck sitting beside the highway with it's lights flashing and knew they couldn't allow the escapee to reach the truck so he started chasing him on his horse and rode beside him so he couldn't escape in the truck. He also knew that there wasn't anywhere else he could go at that time so when the inmate looked up at my son and said, "Just shoot me Sergeant Mallard" he made an instant decision not to shoot the man. Bubbie said the guy wanted to die and he didn't want to be the one to oblige him. The Major ended up hitting the guy with a truck because Bubbie couldn't get off his horse with his weapon. He was sent to the hospital and he'll live but will be sent to the Maximum security unit and more time will be added to his sentence.

The whole incident was over in a matter of minutes but it took hours for all of the officers involved to be interviewed by Internal Affairs and to write up the reports. There will also be more inquiries into the incident.

I'm glad noone was killed or hurt too badly.


On to better things...

I had a yard full of little girls today who were so busy playing that I bet their Mommies won't have a bit of trouble getting them to sleep tonight. And Zach got his report card today. He made 3 C's but it was MUCH better than I expected it to be so we're almost smiling about it here.

And more good news! My oldest daughter, Trish, bought her first new car yesterday. She's always had used cars until now and she's about to burst with excitement! She also told me that Jaylen and Jordan are already practicing ball so there'll be some busy days ahead for Trish. She'll be breaking that new car in right off.


Mary Lou said...

Good for zach! and GREAT for Trish!! too bad they dont live closer so you could get to all of their games too.

wanda said...

Great news on Zack's report card. When it come's to little boys C's are great.
I'm so happy for Trish. I know she must be on top of the world. She'll need that new car for carrying those girls to ball practice.

The incident with Bubbie, is exactly why my Robby no longer works for the country jail. He too had an escape on his watch. Except there were three guys and they got away. Robby chased them into the woods but was told to come back because he was unarmed and alone. Then the freaking department had the audacity to act as if it was the fault of third shift that these guys got out. Robby said he was tired of working in an understaffed job ( 3 night guards for over 200 prisioners). Then the 'office' people (you know the one's, they won't even go down to the jail their so chicken) had no respect for them. He finally said, forget this, and quit.
I'm glad Bubbie is okay, and I'm glad he chose not to assist the prisoner in his 'suicide by cop' plan. I know your very proud of him.

Phyllis said...

Wow, close call for Bubbie, and great that he made the right decision. I bet you are really proud of him.
Good for Zach on the C's! When I was 15 C's were great!!
I was 35 before I got my first brand new car!