Monday, March 06, 2006

Meme: Five Weird Things

Joe tagged me.

1. If something's out of my sight it's out of my mind and lost to me.

2. I don't remember dreams unless I'm sick and then I have very vivid nightmares.

3. I believe in life after death because I'm quite sure I've experienced it.

4. I don't care for steak

5.I'm afraid to throw things away for fear they'll be needed later.

I'm tagging Paula, Cassie-b, Cal, Cindra, and Virginia Gal.

The rules:

Once you've been tagged you must make an entry that contains a list of 5 Weird Habits of Yourself. When you are finished, you must tag 5 other people by listing their Xanga ID in your post. Then you must go to their Site and make a comment stating that they are tagged and have them come to your site for the rules.


Cal said...

My list will be up some time today, Brenda. I think I share a little of no 5 with you!

wanda said...

You've experienced life after death? But aren't you still alive? Oh wait, that would explain the 'after' death part wouldn't it?

I am positive the minute I throw something away it will be needed to save my life, bank account, or for some vital function. Of course the trash collectors will have already run and it will be forever gone. Thus bringing about certain catstrophy for me.

Sally said...

You don't like steak? GIRL!!!!

I used to hang on to things out of fear, like bank statements, tax returns, etc. But, nowadays practically everything is in the computer. After Dad passed away, we found cancelled checks from the 1950's! Now, that was difficult for me since he had held on to them.

There are some things I wish I had held onto like clothing that came back into style (not that I'd be able to get my fat butt into them). :)

Brent said...

You don't like STEAK?????????

Joe said...

You don't like STEAK???? LOL! Hey I hate to throw anythin away too for the same reason!

Special K said...

How are you feeling today, peaches? You want I should come over there and take care of you? I could feed you cold oatmeal with a slingshot, if you like. Cuz I'm nurturing like that.

David said...

Care to explain number 3?

BlueJean Baby said...

Yeah, more on #3!

Joan said...

And what is Xanga ID mean? I don't know????

Phyllis said...

You don't like STEAK??!!

Leslie said...

I've been trying to break myself of the #5 habit for a while now and it's tough. You'd think Carl had 4 million screws for the number of times I've said "You wanna keep this thing so you can put screws in it?"

When we cut meat out of our diet for 3+ years, I missed juicy T-bones the most.

I'd like to hear more about #3, too.

Virginia Gal said...

uh-oh I'm tagged, well that will at least give me something to write about tomorrow : )