Monday, April 03, 2006

The Sounds of Spring

The birds are a'tweetin, the frogs are a'singin, the tractors are a'chuggin, and the thunders a'boomin, the lightning a'flashin, and sometimes the tornados are a'twistin. Those are the sounds of Spring in the Arkansas delta.

Luckily for us, the past couple of years the majority of the tornado spawning storms have been tracking just north of us. Last night and early this morning there were some really terrible ones in NE Arkansas, the bootheel of MO, and in eastern TN. The news this morning says there have been lives lost and a great deal of damage but they're not sure how many or how much just yet. I think they were waiting on daylight to assess the damages.

Our worst storm came through around 1:30 a.m. and peppered us with hail for about 15 minutes. We know down here that hail is a good indication of a strong thunderstorm that can possibly spawn a tornado. Hail doesn't do so much damage right now as they haven't planted but a few acres of beans so far, but from now on, since the planting will be starting full force, a hail storm can wreck havoc in the fields of newly planted crops.

I'm going to venture out in a bit to see if there was in damage around here and visit a greenhouse in Lee county to see if I can find some African Daisies for my flowerboxes.


MissKris said...

Hi, Brenda! I'm a first-time reader and I enjoyed my visit here a lot. I also have a menopausal blog on Bravejournal and I hope you don't mind but I linked to your entry about the things you've learned as you've aged...I thought it was great and it's something I thought would be wonderful to share with the readers at Bravejournal as well. If you'd like, you can come by and check out my blog...if you don't want me to use your entry at my site, please let me know and I'll delete it post haste! I dunno about you, but I feel like the more info and funny stuff we women of a 'certain age' share, the easier it is to cope with all the nuttiness of this particular stage in life. Women from all over the world are sending me things they spot on the hope is to make this a worldwide COMMUNITY journal. It's only been up and running for a few weeks and I've already had around 3,000 visitors -- so that gives me lots of encouragement! :-) I also have a regular day-to-day blog...please stop by and check that out if you want to, too. Hope you survived all the wicked weather in your part of the country. When I see the news, it makes me feel like just plain ol' Oregon rain ain't so hard to deal with after all, ha!

Bluejean Baby said...

Good to see you made it through the storms. We had some wicked wind but no tornadoes close by. Still some spots with the power still out and lots of tree limbs down, but that's all I know around here so far.

CJ said...

This is a ditto comment I posted over at KB's blog.

Yesterday we had high winds, hail, rain and even some sleet, can you believe that crap in April? If I didn’t know better I’d think somebody was pulling an April Fool’s Day prank a day late. Anyway, we have tree limbs down all over the place, mailboxes along the county road are lying on the ground, and we’ve inherited artificial flowers from the little cemetery up the road. Damn, I don’t understand when Mother Nature blows her top, why she can’t blow MONEY this way instead of flowers off of tombstones. *rolls eyes*

Happy it didn't hit y'all, it sure seems like the tornado crap has kicked into high gear a bit early this year, hope that means it will be over with before summer officially arrives.

Had to laugh at my Word Verification today... hemucs. I wonder if hemucs suck? LMAO

Have a GREAT Monday Brenda! xoxoxo

Sally said...

Nothing is more frightening to hear than a tornado warning or watch; well, except hurricane. I hope you guys stay safe, and the weather doesn't mess up the farming.

Joan said...

I was wondering if you had any of the storms I was hearing about. Glad you didn't.

Are African Daisies those flowers that look absolutley perfect, and they come is neat pastel shades? I remember killing some like that last year, I really liked them.

Joe said...

Sorry to hear about the step dad passing! We had strong storms come through too. My dogs started about 1:00am, we dident get much sleep they can't stand thunder storms! Last I heard this storm left about 26 dead! About the earlest storms I have heard of int our area!

Wil said...

Saw your tag over at Kris Ss and thought I'd pop in for a read.

Up here in my part of the GREAT WHITE NORTH we dont worry about tornados..... I really cant imagine what it must be like to live in fear of Mother Nature (altho we did have a little flooding last spring)

Glad youre safe.

Take care..