Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I be plumb tired.

I mailed off the last tax extension on Saturday so the season is past, thank the Lord. There were only 2 extensions this year but I'll only worry with one of them some time between now and Aug. 15th cause I fired the other tax and bookkeeping client. I was mighty fed up with keeping her right with the government and then only being paid for my efforts when she got around to it. She always had some sort of dilemma going on, so I thought "dilemma this why doncha" and sent her a final invoice and my regrets.

Some folks still have this "Lady of the Manor" mentality when they ain't no lady and they have no manor, (or manners either for that matter), and she is one of those.

The other client, who's extension I filed, moved up to the wilds of SW Arkansas to live amongst the hillbillies but appreciated my work so much that they're willing to drive 4 hours to bring their stuff to me. Payment is never a problem with them, in fact, they're always trying to pay me more than I charge and you can never have enough clients like that.

Zach has his first baseball game of the season this evening. He'll be home from school soon and we'll wrestle with homework before time to leave for the ball park.
I'll be wagging my camera along with my old, trusty, camp chair, and tote bag full of other ball park necessities, so I hope I'll be able to take some great photos this season. He's gonna be all cute and stuff in his gray pants, gray undershirt, Arkansas razorback red over shirt, black belt and socks, and his gray hat. But cute aside, this Nanaw is also thankful that his uniform pants weren't white this year. It'll sure save some on spray-and-wash and my sanity. I am also thankful that his feet didn't grow enough to out-grow his cleats although his little legs grew 3 or 4 inches this year, I swear!

The kiddies had a great time at our Easter celebration and the girls looked so sweet in their little dresses. They scrambled all over the yard like a bunch of little ants hunting for those 100, mostly purple, cause Jerri mentioned liking that color, eggs. I think we boiled around 170 eggs on Saturday night but after removing the cracked ones to save for deviled eggs and the ones that got cracked later,,or eaten by PopPop and Daddy, they only hid about 100. I'm sure PopPop hopes they found all of them too cause those things can smell pretty ripe when you mow over one.

The Chick is learning her daddy's old ways. When he was a tot he told some enormous tall tales which his daddy encouraged because he thought they were funny and showed intelligence due to their imaginative structure. Anyway, the chick started out with, "when I was your age, my momma left me in a box at the park and I had to walk all the way home but a deer ate me on the way."


Mary Lou said...

LOLOL She is something else!!

We always had to hide them inside, because it would likely rain or snow. And one year we moved in October, and found one of the eggs under the oil heater. Dad screamed, FOR GAWDS SAKE DONT BREAK IT!

Phyllis said...

Darling herd ya got there!
It must've been so much fun, and I bet you slept good!

Sally said...

That little chickie can really come up with some stuff; she's adorable. But, then all of your younguns are. Is it baseball time already? I thought we just finished that. :)

I learned the other day that my little great niece has picked up some bad language, and used it on her great grandmother. They have a coo-coo clock, and Ella said "When in the "H" is the effing bird coming out?" We blame it on her mother. hahaha

Bluejean Baby said...

Oh, boy, 170 eggs?! That's a lot of henfruit! We didn't do any at all, just plastic stuff. And nobody noticed, thank goodness.
I really, REALLY hope the Squirt is with his Mommy full time when he's old enough for baseball. I'm not sure I could hack it!

Special K said...

Et by a deer, eh? AHAHAHAHA! Man, she cracks me up.

Ew. I've never heard eggs referred to as 'henfruit' before. Bleh.

Joe said...

Man eateing deer out you way! Hum... I was planing a visit! Have a good hump day girl!

Andie Pandie said...

170 eggs?! Crikey that's a damn lot. Am I the only one who eats pickled eggs at Easter?

Hey, so I have my own business, and Mr. AP works plus has his freelance side busniess. You wanna do our taxes next year? We'll pay ya, eh! LOL LOL

Joan said...

I love listening to little kids make up stories. On Sunday I was in the garden and overheard the next door neighbours two grandkids laughing and singing there hearts out. They made up a song, called teeter totter. Teeter-totter, in the water .. don't fall off or you will make a dent in your head..teeter totter. They must have sung it 100 times, and each time it was a little different.