Sunday, April 09, 2006

Springy Weekend

The flowerboxes are planted, the garden is planted, James and Zach got the yard mowed and the sunflowers planted, and the Chicklets came over for a visit today. I also had a few minutes to edit some photos that Trish let me download from her camera the other day so I've happily exhausted and will shortly be ready to climb into a nice, hot, bath.

Our city girl ball players, Jaylen and Jordan.

I planted purple and white alyssum and irish moss in the porch flowerboxes this year.

I couldn't find the African Daisies this year (but I'm still looking) so I put Gerber Daisies and Irish Moss in the bottom planters. The Pink that's in one of the boxes is left over from 2 years ago and somehow keeps surviving the frosts. I figure if it's that hardy, let 'er bloom!

The Chick loves to play in the dirt!

Here are the photos of Jillian, Zach, and PopPop. I tried to put them up here but blogger isn't cooperating.


Brent said...

Awwww, great photos! We still can't plant any new plants because we're still getting frost at night. But that will be over soon!!!

MissKris said...

I was out doing some transplanting the other day...I have a photinia shrub that keeps growing!! LOL, I shouldn't be shocked but each year I have to find a bigger spot for it so I moved it over into a corner of the back yard and a hosta from there to where the photinia was. Won't be a problem with the photinia but hostas can be kind of cranky and don't like to be moved much if they find a damp, shady spot they like. Ah well. Having a garden's like raising kids, isn't it? Some are content no matter what you do...others couldn't be happy even if you handed them an MP3 player on a platter, haha! Hey, I agree with you on the "Men" comments! The more research I do for my menopausal blog, the more "gems" I find. May I add you to my Internet Friends list so I can just link to you from there? Hold onto your hat...don't get blown to Oz like Dorothy!! I give all you Southerners and Midwesterners couldn't PAY me enough to live in "Tornado Alley"!!

David said...

Nice looking flowers and even better looking kids. Glad you had a good weekend.

Sally said...

Beautiful kids, and the flowers are pretty too! I don't know where you find the time. :)

Ms. Vickie said...

Beautiful photos, precious kids....I do love to see the Chick.
She just melts my heart everytime. She reminds me of my little
niece Macy, I think it is the blond hair and the age oh yeah and
the dirt in this photo.

cassie-b said...

Isn't spring wonderful? I planted some pansies this weekend, and have a few more to go. It's still a bit early for much else.

Have a great week.
And thanks for the pictures.


Leslie said...

You're planting already? Lucky you! Your flowerboxes are going to be gorgeous, Brenda. I like your choices.

And those grandkid pictures are great to see :)

Special K said...

Your flowers are sure going to be prettay, but they still won't hold a candle to those lovely girls. I wonder where they got their good genes from? ;)

Phyllis said...

You've got a beautiful family, and they all look HAPPY!! (Thanks to you, I'm sure)!

Holly said...

i need to take some garden pictures today. petunias and pansies and portulaca, oh my!