Saturday, October 01, 2005

Looting problems

I hear there were no looting problems in Texas before, during, and after Hurricane Rita.

I wonder why?

Zach and I are gonna get dressed and drive over to Moro, where I went to school for about 7 years as a kid. Hopefully I'll see some of my fellow Moroians and catch up on what everyone's been doing over the past 37 years.

Damn, that seems like a long time, don't it?

I'll take my cameras and post some photos later.
Ya'll have a great Saturday!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a really good time.

wanda said...

Wow, I'm just barely 37 myself. ROTFLMBO;)

I can see why looters might be hesitant to visit those guys neighborhoods.

Special K said...

They seem a friendly bunch.

Cindra said...

What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

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