Sunday, October 30, 2005

Busy Weekend

I reckon I'll sleep like a log tonight cause we've had a mighty busy weekend.

I went with James and Zach to Big Creek yesterday afternoon to take photos while they wet some minnows in their attempts to catch a few fish. I had my lawn chair, a bottle of kiwi, pineapple, papaya, and whothehellknowswhatelse, sparkling water (someday I'll learn to read labels), my camera bag, and a book, and I was all set until I had to tote all that stuff back up that big-ass hill from the creek bank. It was fun, however, watching Zach catch 2 more fish than his PopPop did, and sitting in the woods snapping photos in near peace and quiet.

I found a few spots where Autumn was trying to peek in amid our still, mostly green, trees and since the weather was just in the lower 70's the mosquitos didn't try to carry us away.

I had a hell of a time getting this photo of Zach with his second catch of the day. While trying to get him in position to take a photo of the first catch he was so excited that he was attempting to bring the fish for me to see while it was still attached to the line, that was attached to the pole, and in his haste to untangle the line he dropped the fish who rolled and flopped about 15 feet and plopped right back into the creek. He was pretty much upset with me over that, even though they were catching and releasing the fish anyway.

After we arrived back home we got all got baths and I decorated Zach for his Halloween party next door. The Chick arrived and made her grand entrance wearing her cute little Flamingo duds and they all danced the evening away. At one point during the evening they turned on the fog machine to create more effect in the haunted garage and the Chick came busting out to tell her Momma, "Something's wrong with Jessie's party, there's smoke all in there!"

Miz Jillian even stayed awake for the party, and except for a few cold toes and fingers, stayed toasty warm by the bonfire. Around 8 we went back home with the little ones and Jerri and Bubbie went on to a more adult party while Jillian and the Chick stayed with Nanny.

We awoke this morning bright and early because the Chick wouldn't have it any other way. Jerri and Bubbie stayed over so after we finally got both eyes open we cooked a southern-mexican dinner combination. Jami and the girls came by a little later and Jerri's Mom, Niece, and sister dropped by to visit.

Everyone has gone home now so this Nanny is going to go take a soaking bath and get comfortable to be ready to watch a movie that's supposed to be on this evening. I'll be back in the morning with my under-eye bags and coffee in hand to blog surf and see what everyone else has been up to over the weekend.


Brent said...

THANK GOD FOR COFFEE! It brings us back to life from those busy days! Our fishing days are over here. Lows in the 30's, highs in the 50's. The fishing poles have been put away until next year. *SOBS*

Joe said...

LOL! Those fisherman and that pink chick keep you busy girl! Have a spokey day!

David said...

They wear you out don't they? But it is fun.

Leslie said...

Those pictures are great, Brenda! Wow, did you ever do a good job on Zach's costume and makeup and that little Alexis, well, she could go as a broom and be the absolutely cutest one ever. What a sweetheart.

I see the wee ghost on little Jillian's outfit -- how sweet!

Sounds like a really fun weekend or incredibly exhausting -- depending on who's who. :)

Joan said...

You sure don't let any grass grow under your tootsies do ya? I got tired just reading about it:)

Happy Halloween!! and Best Witches!

Mary Lou said...

Well I have to go back and peek again at the blog, cause I sure didnt see The hatchling at all.

Karen said...

The party sounds like fun, just to see the little ones enjoying it!!

Happy Hallowe'en *hugs*

Cindra said...

The pictures were great... love that big 'ole cypress tree. Chick is something isn't she? Sounds like you had a really busy weekend, too. Today is so quiet I'm feeling kind of blue.

Dawn said...

The pictures are great !! Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween !!

Hoot Nannie said...

Nanny Brenda, Hope you are rested some by now. These family week-ends sure can wear us out, huh?

Tine said...

You sure had a busy but great time ESPECIALLY the relaxing time taking pictures of Zach.

Their halloween costumes look awesome!

cassie-b said...

2nd attempt to post. I hope you don't get this twice.

Sounds like a pretty busy day. I think that picture of the "great fisherman" was worth the effort. It's great.

Happy November!

Sally said...

Those grandchildren of yours (well, I've said this before but bears repeating) are just the cutest, most adorable little ones!

The fishing trip brings back some memories I'll have to post about sometime. Hope you're rested up!