Saturday, October 08, 2005

Redneck Love

Down here in the Delta you occasionally get an indication that your mate of 34+ years still loves you. Since these events only occur randomly, it's a good idea not to wait around for them or try to predict them cause, even though they can't spell it, random means random to a redneck.

My latest random indication of love came just a short time ago as the ringing phone jarred me from a deep sleep.

James: Are you up?

Brenda: I am now.

James: Oh, I figured you'd been up awhile, it's almost 9 O'clock.

Brenda: (looking at the clock that says 8:35) Zach's still asleep so I was still asleep.

James: Oh, well I wanted to ask you if you could wear a 2X sweat shirt.

Brenda: You're asking do I? or can I?

James: Can you, cause they've only got 2 sizes left on sale, a 2X and a 3X.

Brenda: Well it would have to be the smaller one then, but why?

James: The John Deere place has these sweat shirts on sale and I thought I'd get you one. Do you want a red one or a green one?

Brenda: Green, who ever heard of a red John Deere anything?

James: Ok, I'll get you a green one. Oh, and Louis (the John Deere Parts man) says I should get a 4X to be sure to cover your big ass,,(snicker, snicker).

Brenda: Tell that redneck Mexican to kiss my big ass.

I just get overwhelmed by these random indications of love around here and I'm sure the sweat shirt will keep most of me warm.

I wandered around outdoors with my camera a bit yesterday cause my Autumn sunflowers are a'bloomin. I love these sunflowers.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Yay! We're first!

Sunflowers. Gorgeous!

We like little things them remind us of love too. And ain't it always the simple things?

And great to see Monkey Nuts has lot's of potential temporary adoptive parents!

So who's gonna get him first?

Brenda said...

He's gonna be country hoppin for his second visit as Miz Leslie was the first to invite him so in a few days I'll be sending him up to see her.

cassie-b said...

Great pictures, as always. Thanks so much for sharing

I think the sweatshirt will be great for keeping you warm. A good redneck present.

Have a wonderful weekend!

wanda said...

Yep, those ole geezers still have a surprise or two left in em. Which I suppose is why we still cook for em. It was sweet of James to think of you. Did he get him one too?
Those are some beautiful flowers!

Mary Lou said...

LOLOLOL true love aint it just the BEST?

Holly said...

aww.. redneck love.. via john deere sweatshirts and smartass mexican rednecks.

can you see me? i'm wiping away a tear.. i promise.


Leslie said...

Your sunflowers are so pretty (they always remind me of you, that and hummingbirds).

Your early morning exchange made me smile. He was bein' so sweet, then just had to throw that last bit in there, eh? = )

Joe said...

Hey gir, boy is zac geting to be a little man!!! has has grown this summer. Hope your having a great Sunday girl!

David said...

Okay that cracked me up big time. He does not know what size you wear afte 34 years? Nice thought by him though.

Hoot Nannie said...

Yep, must be a redneck/farmer type thing. Just the kind of gift I would get too and the same kind of exchange that would go with it!! LOL

Those flowers are beautiful...they bloom late in the year, don't they? Zach is such a handsome little devil.

Virginia Gal said...

I'm so envious, what beautiful sunflowers, my mother and I can't get even one sunflower to grow in our red clay soil of Virginia.

Cindra said...

Brenda, you do make me laugh..
I am so jealous of your sunflowers. They always bring a smile to my face.

Dana said...

What beautiful sunflowers!

Your hubby was sweet to buy you a new shirt. My hubby occasionally does stuff like that for me. Men are big ol sweeties.

paula said...

hey Sis,
Love the bright. Zack looks to sweet...we know better though. I say, keep that duct tape Love ya and miss you.