Thursday, October 20, 2005

Big sigh of relief,,,almost

The report card wasn't as bad as I had feared. He did have a D in conduct (he talks,,a lot) and 2 Cs (one very, very, close to a D), 1 A and 2 Bs. He didn't make the honor roll for the first time since semester 1 of kindergarten but I think that is bothering me much more than it is him. It seems his main ambition is to just do enough so that he won't have to spend another year in the 3rd grade. We need to work to change that.

I was able to spend about 30 minutes with his teacher because I was there early and she didn't have anyone else scheduled. His teacher and I were able to talk over a lot of things so we've decided a longer conference is not necessary right now. We did discuss having him tested for ADD so this is something I'll give a lot of thought to.

I'm sure some of you have had to deal with a child who is constantly "bouncing" when you're trying to settle him down to go over homework assignments. I have had moments when I've considered rope and duct tape to keep him still long enough to write a few sentences using his spelling words. It doesn't help that I'm not well known for my patience either. James mentioned once that perhaps I should home school Zach and my very adamant reply was, "Are YOU fucking CRAZY?"

Anyway, tonight is study night because Zach has 4 tests scheduled for tomorrow so I'm going to be prepared by taking a tranxene before he gets home and have that bottle of wine handy.

I won't go down without a fight! One of us is gonna learn something!

Krysten did make the honor roll and only had one B on her report card!! MeriKate had a whole bunch of N's on her kindergarten report but her teacher thinks that she'll settle in soon,,hopefully. Miss Abby is just in pre-school so she didn't get a report card but it didn't matter to her, she'd just as soon forget school all together if they'd let her.

We got school photos last week so I thought I'd share a tiny copy of the collage I made with them.


Joe said...

They are so cute! I remember my mom standing over me with a switch to get me through my home work! LOL! School and I didn't mix well at all. Megan dose well in school. Although she got a c in since. She didn't finish a project she was suppose to.

Holly said...

let me tell you, getting my middle child diagnosed with ADD and on medication was the best thing that ever happened.

he was in the 4th grade, reading at a second grade level. in 9 weeks he was reading above grade level.. 5th!

he was as frustrated as i was. he couldn't understand why he couldn't read. he couldn't understand why he was in the "slow readers" class.

now he takes medication daily.. he's still truett.. but he is better able to focus and get things accomplished. not always, but it's a hell of a lot better.

i resisted it for a long time because i didn't want to jump on the add drug bandwagon. i'm so thankful now... he's not sedated (by any stretch of the imagination) it just helps him concentrate and control his impulses better.

Holly said...

oh.. and although i want to be a teacher.. there is NO WAY IN HELL i would homeschool my kids.

Leslie said...

Home school.

Don't the words just send a chill down your spine? ;)

You'd be in the nuthouse in under a week.

Great collage, Brenda. : )

Special K said...

I think James IS fucking crazy. What on earth could he be thinking?

cal said...

Good luck with the studying tonight!

Mary Lou said...

Man those are 4 cute kiddies!! If I had to home school I would be absolutely INSANE!!

me said...

Yeah, I remember my friends suggesting I homeschool Mitch, because they were all homeschooling their kids. I would have wrung his little neck.

I could suggest some ADD books, but they're now about 15 years old. I'll see if I can hunt them up, in case they're still of any use.

wanda said...

Maybe you should consider giving HIM some of the tranxene. Just kidding!

I remember when we had Josh tested for ADD. We were lucky enough to have one of those old fashioned Army doctors and he ask us after the test, "does Josh sit and watch cartoons"? I said sure all the time, he looked at me and said, "sounds like a pretty normal boy to me". They tested him anyway. Seems the doc was right.

Joan said...

Home school...oh yeah, then you would get to be with him day and night 365 days of the year LOL.. not that you don't love him, but lordy that's a little to close for comfort!!

cassie-b said...

wonderful pictures. You certainly take a very active part in the lives of these children. Kudos to you. I wish you luck in your 4 tests tomorrow.

Phyllis said...

As an adult, I find I have ADD. I have a short attention span and have trouble concentrating on one thing. I too was put in the "slow" class for english and reading, because I just couldn't keep my mind concentrating on what the teacher was saying. I cannot keep my mind on what I am reading. I can tell you the content, but not the names, etc. I made a great bartender, as my mind was all over the place watching tables for empty glasses, and I'd have the drinks poured by the time the waitress came up with the order.
Do him a favor and have him tested.

Hoot Nannie said...

Cute kids and I really like hearing how they each are doing and their reactions to school.

Madi got in trouble yesterday for talking AFTER she was warned to be quiet.

Glad you got to talk with the teacher.

Cindra said...

Okay, first of all, as a teacher I have a problem... four tests in one day for a third grade level student? That's ridiculous!
As for homeschooling... you need a break from an ADD child and school systems have resource people that can work with him.
Love the little animation!!! It kind of says it all.
I'm getting all the report cards ready here. Conferences are next week... then fall break... we all need it.

David said...

Very, very cute photos. Becareful with ADD. Yes it does exists but it is also over diagnosed according to many teachers.

Good luck with that and yes the importance of school work needs to be established now.

Virginia Gal said...

Brenda, I was not a good student in elementary school, got my fair share of "C's" (and one dreaded "D," which I'll never live down). But my parents continued to push me. Like you, education was very important to them. I got rewarded and punished based on my grades. In 8th grade I miraculiously made the National Junior Honor Society - from then on, I was self-motivated to do well in school. I graduated 3rd in my college class (magna cum laude), stay strong and have heart, as long as you continue to push and be there, he will realize how important education, getting good grades is, and eventually it will come from within him to want to do well.