Monday, October 17, 2005

A boring post.

I've had the concentration of a gnat on amphetamines the past few days so this will probably be the most boring entry in the blog world today. The random thoughts that do happen to pass through my mind are a lot like lightening but not nearly so pretty. It's just that time of the year again,,holidays just around the corner,,and thoughts of this dysfunctional family of mine, as well as the winter months ahead,,,all puts me in an awful mood.

And my feet are cold this morning! I don't like having cold feet but I hate wearing socks in the worst way. I awoke to temps around 42 and to the weatherman saying they'd soon climb up to near 90, I'd say this was Indian Summer, but since we haven't really had any fall weather yet, I don't think it qualifies.

I had some "good groceries" (as Alexis told me once) over the weekend. Saturday, since James had his first weekend off in awhile, he cooked steaks, cornish hens, and a pork shoulder on the grill. Much of the shoulder went with Bubbie to feed his horse barn crew at the prison but we chowed down on all the rest.

Sunday I cooked a pot of great northern beans, mixed turnip, kale, and rape greens, and a big pan of mexican cornbread to go with left-over cornish hens. I call a meal like that Southern Comfort Food except you're so miserable from being stuffed you can barely get up from the table after consuming it.

Monkey Nuts continued on with his blogger tour last week but not before being chewed on a little by Miz Jillian.


Mary Lou said...

WHAT are rape greens? ANd Mexican cornbread?

David said...

Steaks, cornish hens and pork shoulder - YUUMY.

great northern beans, mixed turnip, kale, and rape greens - absolutely GROSS. That is NOT MAN food. And I agree with Mary Lou- what are rape greens anyway. They can't be good.

Special K said...

Monkey Nuts, eh? Nice name.

Why dontcha put on some fluffy moccassins? Seems to me I recall you having a pair. ;)

P.S. And fooey to David. :P I think that stew sounds righteous. :)

Brenda said...

Rape grees are a green leafed vegetable or cooking green that is related to both the broccoli and turnip family of vegetables. They're quite good but I usually mix them with what other greens we've got growing. Cook them down in a huge pot with a little fatback and they're fantastic.

David, you'd get a hicky on your head for saying greens aren't MAN food around here! (grin)

Brenda said...

Mary lou,,Mexican cornbread is cornbread with all sorts of other goodies tossed into the batter before baking. I put in my corn meal, flour, 1 egg, half cup of shredded cheese, 1/4th cup of chopped onions, a hand full of diced hot peppers, a can of cream style corn, and enough milk to make a batter. I then pour it into a pan I've had heating in the oven with a little oil and cornmeal (heat the pan till the cornmeal is med. brown) and cook it on 350 degrees until it's lightly browned on top and a knife comes out clean when stuck in the middle.

It's some good eatin!!

Sally said...

There is nothing boring about your post. Yummmmy food - gorgeous Jillian; wow, she's growing fast. :)

cassie-b said...

Another beautiful child in your family. And what a great smile. You can see her smiling in her eyes.

wanda said...

Now that, honey chile, is some good ole southern eatins. Have mercy!
I prefer mustard or collard greens, but lordy how I do love great northern beans.
Another favorite of mine is pinto beans, fried taters (NOT french fries), greens, and cornbread. I've never made the mexican kind, I'll have to try that one.
Greens are soooo man's food. Expecially round these parts. That David is a city boy, he don't know squat about country eatin.
But, in his defense, he has other talents.

Leslie said...

That picture is so cute of her chawin' on his chin. I wonder if he'll end up face-planted in Bilbo's water dish, where all stuffed things seem to go. I'll do my best to keep him high and dry, well, not so much high.

I was poking through the dollar store today and, yes, it looked like Christmas had thrown up in there. Just a tad early, I'd say.

Your dinner sounds downright exotic to me.

curious servant said...

I love baby pictures.

Those smiles are the best in the world.

Hoot Nannie said...

I've heard of all kinds of greens, but never "rape" greens. I thought it was a typo until I read the comments.

I'd love to sit down at one of your meals.....Yummy. I'd also love to get a hold of that little Miz Jillian.

Phyllis said...

What time is dinner? I'm hungry!

Tine said...

wonder why all of a sudden I get so hungry ;)

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Awww. Our baby!

I hope you packed a banana for his journey!

Virginia Gal said...

Aww Mr. Monkey Nuts looks so cute with the baby - adorable (wonder if he stays on long enough with Jillian will she speak with an English accent?).

Joe said...

LOL! Love the pic. The baby likes that monkey! Your greens sounds good! I havent had any in a long while! My feet are cold too! I don't care for winter! BRRRR!!!!

Holly said...

when i was a kid i loved my great grandmother's sunday dinners. i would crumble up the cornbread, the blackened fried okra, the green beans, and the mashed potatoes into one bowl (for the light night time meal after "dinner") oh my GOD it was good.

i can't eat like that anymore. but the memories are fond.

much like the turkey or chicken. far to dry to eat unless smothered with gravy, however slather it with some mayo and stick it between the whitest bread on eart and it was heavenly.

no wonder i got so damn fat.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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