Monday, October 24, 2005

Honey DOs and Rambles

I had a hell of a time putting that cute little bee graphic up in the left corner here cause blogger wasn't cooperating this morning. It's Monday so I reckon that's par for the course. Anyhow, I'm rambling, as I'm prone to do, so I'll get back to the subject at hand.

It's that time of the year,,actually not quite that time of the year due to the harvest being all done quicker this year,,but close enough. The time of the year that all the "I'll get that done after I'm done picking cotton" chores are supposed to be started. I say started because around here that's the key word as far as those chores are concerned. There are chores on that HD list that date all the way back to 1971 so the number of "I'll get to em chores" that haven't been started would probably break a record of some sort if I could figure out who'd actually be interested in such a list.

At the time of this writing, there are 3 chores that I really feel need to be started, and completed, before the year 2040.

Number one, on the short list, is to secure the molding on the living room ceiling that's threatening to fall at any moment and give someone a concussion.

Number 2 is a newcomer on the to-do list but I give it emergency status because it could lead to hunger and severe dehydration or, at the very least, suffocation by toxic gas, should an unsuspecting someone be stuck alone in the house. It's the replacement of the broken door knob on one of the bathroom doors. I've already had to assist a couple of folks in escaping the bathroom and I noticed my son had to aid in Jerri's (his wife) escape from the room yesterday.

Number 3, discussed and hashed over all during the spring and summer as clouds of plant toxic chemicals and dust fogged from the field south of our property, is to build a privacy fence along the propery line on that side.
mentioned yesterday, while in the company of a houseful of folks to save himself a severe head bashing I'm sure, that he may scratch that idea. I reckon this is going to have to go over to the "still under discussion" side of the HD list where upon it won't be started unless I find a very good bargain in fencing materials and stack them in front of the shed so that he can't escape with the ATV to go hunting.

There was a time when I rarely added anything to the HD list because I'd just do all that stuff myself. But I highly suspect that the doing of many of those chores has something to do with this bad back I'm sporting and I just can't do them anymore. I really may have to pull up a chair and try to put on a new door knob though. I'd hate to be in the local newspaper as the homeowner who's house guest was hospitalized for inhaling toxic fumes (even though they'd be of their own making).


Cindra said...

I think maybe your "honey don't" thinks the door knob situation could be fixed with a can of air freshner. At least that covers the toxic fumes. Maybe stash some packets of chips under the sink.

mary lou said...

The door knob I could do myself. not heavy, now the fence thing...I think I would gi deadline, nicely, and then subtle like drop the hint that that cute fix it man down the road could put that fence up in a few days, and he would be so much nicer to look at than James' ass-end. And then get someone to put the fence up. That oughta get him.

I so know what you mean about your back. If only I had not been trying to prove that I could do anything a guy could do at work, I might still have one.

cassie-b said...

I have a few chores as well. First on the list is to can all that applesauce I prepared yesterday. I don't exactly know why I do this every year. It's a lot of work. But the applesauce is really good.

Sally said...

Tell "honey" you need a bigger window in the bathroom so people can crawl out! Or, just take the door knob off the door completely and lay a screwdriver on the floor so they can use it to open the door.


Karen said...

I wonder what we have men around for you know!!

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I love leaving toxic fumes in the toilet just as Tazzy starts whining that he wants me to hurry up because he's desperate to use it himself.

I keep telling him that its good to share and that breathing in the same air helps us to bond.

Brent said...

My list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. If I scratch one chore off, two magically appear.

Special K said...

Forget the HD list, and get yourself a FIB -- a 'fuck-it bucket'. Fill it up with candy, sit back, eat it, and say, 'fuck it'.

Hoot Nannie said...

I think you have it figured out! YOU do the door knob and do get the fencing and put in front of the shed trapping the ATV inside!! LOL (Oh, did I mention, then "run like hell?")

David said...

I hate those HD lists. Afterall this is the age of female enlightenment is it not? If you want it done, do it. LOL

me said...

Dennis actually ASKED FOR a HD list. To keep him from working on Mondays. I wonder how long this will last? You can bet I'll be workin' it as long as possible!