Friday, September 30, 2005

There's a hint of Autumn in the air!

I can tell by how my skin and toes feel. My toes get cold and my skin takes on this flaky, alligator, appearance. It could also be the fact that yesterday I awoke to temps in the 50's and this morning, a chilly 46. Tell me that won't reach out and bite you after having 101 and 102 temps just a few, short days ago.

Yesterday the chicklets came for a visit and, as always, we were totally entertained for the duration. The Chick has come up with a new name for her favorite scents, although I'm quite sure you won't be seeing this at the perfume counter at Dillards. It may give you a delightful thrill to inquire about it though, so next time you're shopping, shop in and ask for some "porkfume". (Miz Leslie?)

I told Jillian all day that she looked just like her daddy but in this photo she favors her mommy so much!

The Chick, in fine form. She was wearing clothes when she arrived today,,that didn't last long.

I bought Paint Shop Pro 9 a few weeks ago and have been playing around with it. I really, really, REALLY, like blinkies so I've been learning to make some. I hope to get better at it some day. I'll post some of them later for folks to grab if they'd like to.


Cal said...

Cute pictures, Brenda. I love Autumn when it's nice and crisp and all the colours. We've just got damp and grey weather lately not so nice :(

Mark said...

Uh oh - she has blinky toys.

Anonymous said...

Cute chicks

David said...

flaky, alligator appearance? Now that is a scary thought. Those kids do entertain and drive you nuts too.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. As always

Does that blinkie thing mean I should buy Paint Shop Pro 9? I love playing with graphics, and already have several programs.

Ms. Vickie said...

I love when the little ones come visit and you share new pictures with us. They are so cute. Ms Chick is too precious and Little Chick is coming right along too. You are one blessed lady. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Joan said...

You have PSP...lord I can't master that probram for the love of me. I tried for about two years and gave up and bought Digital Image Pro for my graphics, scrabooking etc. I'm glad someone came out with a graphics program for a dummy like me. Your blinkies are getting prudy good!! I'll see if I can make a few in DIP.

Joan said...

Probram? who said that?

Leslie said...

Oh, she does look like her Daddy, doesn't she?

Jumping from 100-something to less than half that is quite the change. Guess you gotta put socks on now, huh?

Porkfume (hee hee hee)

And I like your little Brenda Blinkie : )

Mary Lou said...

THe Hatchling is getting cuter and cuter!!! Ya better keep Chickie away from the pole!!

WHat is PSP? I have photoshop elements, is it the same? I so need to sit beside a computer guru.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

You 'bought' psp9? Oh yes, we forgot - it'd take far too long to download a pirate copy, eh?

Arrrrrrgh! Children! Hide them away! A single touch can kill, you know! *screams in terror*

And erm, why did you get psp9 when psp x is out? It's much better.

You sure you didn't download it, young lady?

I'm telling.

curious servant said...

I love this time of year. I love the change in the colors, the feel to the air. And that smell after a long-awaited rain. (That smell is called "petrichor.")

Let the cool weather come, I'm ready!

Special K said...

Holy spit and image of Bubbie.

And hey, 50 is a pretty nice day here in Cowtown.

Joe said...

Hey girl, she is so cute! Cool here to but didn't last long. I started our cutting grass with a sweater on! Have a great week end. Let me no more about the paint shop Pro?

John Strain said...

I love the colors in that first pic. You have great subjects to photograph.

wanda said...

The chick does seem to like taking her clothes off. If she starts showing an affinity for poles you might want to keep a closer eye on her.
Jillian is yet another of your bevy of beauties.
I like that blinkie!!!