Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bits and Bytes

No Debit Cards For Evacuees Outside Texas. Whoa! There was some misunderstanding going on with that deal from the beginning because the debit card thing was only for quick relief for the evacuees who were staying in Texas. Evacuees elsewhere will have to go through the correct channels to be given checks or debits to bank accounts.

My questions are, What banks? What bank accounts? And who's going to print all those checks for those without bank accounts? Are the New Orleans evacuees being aided with the millions contributed by the the rest of America or are the funds going into a "general account"?

Even amid the panic and destruction you'll find the sad, but sweet, humor of some situations.

Potbellied Pig Resists Evacuation.


Sally said...

Yes, Brenda I don't understand either. And, when they said they were going to ask the banks to refund their September mortgage payments, what are those without homes to do? Set up a post office box so they can get their refund?

It's mind boggling, that's all I can think.

wanda said...

"What banks"
Only goes to show that you a middle aged homemaker in Arkansas, has a better grasp of the situation than those entrusted with providing aid and assistance.
I've wondered just how much good $2000 is going to do those who lost everything. Most insurance won't cover flood damage (both home and auto). So their homes/cars are not going to be covered. They will still have to be paid for as well as replaced. Then theres the simple necessities, like clothes, shoes, linens, and food and water. Not to even mention the loss of things like photos, and family heirlooms.
Considering the millions/billions that have been alloted and donated, it is a disgrace that all these people will see is a mere $2000.
Could you or I even begin to start over with 2k? I know I couldn't. And I'm poor folks!!!

Cindra said...

Not only that, but how are you going to keep track of who got the card and who didn't. Many of these people don't have ID on them. What is to prevent someone not involved from saying they are from NO. How do you check? Where are the records. In Florida the stories of the government being ripped off by people for big big bucks are everywhere. Something tells me this is going to be the same. Just like Pat Robertson getting money for his not for profit organization ahead of other better organizations. Those who need will still be waiting for their money while those who have an angle will get more than their share.

Sally said...

Perhaps it is true that in Florida some ripped off the government, but, I can tell you from personal experience the people who were told to go out and buy generators (if they could find one) were NOT reimbursed as they were told they would be. And, these are people who live paycheck to paycheck. My daughter was one of those. But, she's not complaining!!

Cindra said...

Sally, what I was trying to say was it seems those that need the help and money are still waiting and those opportunist who know how to work the system have made money they shouldn't have. It is always the way. People who play by the rules should benefit, but it doesnt'seem to always work that way. I have friends down in Florida that are still trying to piece things together after last year. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend.

Phyllis said...

I just don't know! What can they do and where can they go? No home, no job, no nuthin!I wouldn't mind making room for someone up here in my corner, but they would have a very hard time getting a job on this Island.

Sally said...

Cindra - I understand exactly what you're saying and agree. What's that line we hear? "Those who Have, get!" Yep, they know how to work the system. I wish your friends well.

Joe said...

Hey girl, another new look! You girls go through skins like new shoes! LOL!