Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Feels like Monday

I had a weekend full of visits from little girls which ended with a mostly lazy day yesterday. I did stir a little around noon to answer the phone and talked to Trish for a few minutes. She'd enjoyed the holiday weekend without the girls and was trying to get herself geared up to head back to work today. I could hear the girls arguing in the background as we talked and it reminded me that I had "been there". But she's lucky for the most part since Jordan and Jaylen are very polite, and mostly well behaved, little imps (grin).

Jerri called around late afternoon to tell me of the Chick's latest antic. She took her to the Tri-County fair to look around a little and ride a few of the kiddy rides because the pageant is tonight and there won't be time for her to ride then.

Anyhow, Jilly was wanting a bottle so they sat at a table under one of the tents to feed her and there was a band playing on a little stage there. Chick kept trying to get on the stage and Jerri kept dragging her back so the lead band singer motioned for Jerri to let her go to see what she would do. Music is all it takes for that gal to put on her dancing shoes and she put on a show for the audience. When she got tired, she told the audience, "Thank-you ladies and gentlemen" and climbed off the stage cause she was thirsty. Jerri took some photos of her performance but hasn't sent them to me yet.

I've got my video camera charging now so I can tape the pageant for Jerri and I hope to get a hand free so I can take a few still shots. There's no telling what she'll entertain them with cause that child is a little clown.

I'd best go get my bath now so I can make a fast trip to town to go to the bank and try to remember to buy some video tapes.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Sally said...

Cannot WAIT to hear about the pageant and see pictures, so puleeze try to have one hand free. That chickie child is one in a million! If you guys don't watch out, she's gonna end up in Hollywood, God forbid!!! :)

Ms. Vickie said...

She is just so precious...I was reading this to my mom and she said well she is not shy that is good maybe we will see her on tv one day. So take some good ones tonight, please.

Karen said...

Enjoy the the pageant *hugs*

Cindra said...

What beautiful children! You are certainly blessed, Brenda. And, Chick, I think she got her spunkiness and zest for life from you.

Anonymous said...

Chickie is almost as big as Jaylen! They are all 3 beauties, that is for sure! How does Zach feel with all that estrogen flying around?

mary lou said...

that was ME!!!! You changed comment thingie's, it doesnt know me now:(
MAry Lou

Hoot Nannie said...

What a great picture of the girls. I bet they really enjoy being together.

Does the Chick ever met a stranger? Dancing on stage & "thank you ladies & gentlemen" LOL