Friday, September 16, 2005

Pumkin in my closet.

The Chick (doing the "holding my pee-pee shuffle")

Nanaw: Do you need to go pee-pee on the pottie?

Chick: No.

Nanaw: You're holding yourself Alexis, you need to go potty.

Chick: Nooooo, there's a pumpkin in there.

Nanaw: There's no pumpkin in my bathroom, you need to go potty.

Chick: There's a scary pumkin in you closet!

Nanaw: Come on, Nannie will help you and I'll scare away the pumpkin if he's there.

The Chick goes potty, Nanaw looks in the closet and finds a pumpkin!!

It seems the Chick had taken a look in the closet the last time she'd gone to my bathroom and I have my little Halloween imp stored in there who has a pumpkin pocket on his cape. Every time you touch him he says stuff like "Happy Halloween" or "Boo! I scared you!". It's a wonder the child didn't pee all over herself!!

So Nanaw is now the Scary Pumpkin killing hero.

I'm going to write my letter to Santa soon to see if he'll bring me a camera that'll do justice to these beautiful moments.

At sunrise

At sunset

Dew kissed morning glory.


cassie-b said...

What wonderful shots. Your camera seems to do well, but I also think you should get a new one.
Love the pumpkin story. It reminds me of lots of my own children's stories. Kids are so great!

bornfool said...

I hope Santa brings you a new camera but I doubt it could take better pictures than these. Beautiful.
Funny pumpkin story, too.

me said...

I agree, those pictures look great! But a new camera is ALWAYS good!

Tell Jeri to make you a cape, Super PumpkinKiller Nanaw! :lol:

David said...

Bad, bad Nanaw hiding scary things in the closet......... I would NEVER do anything to scare my grandkids.

Except scare the heck out of two little boys who were playing ghost out in the backyard. Snuck around the house and made a ghost sound. They shot into the house so fast......

But I never scare my grandkids.

Mary Lou said...

LOLOLOL Poor Chickee!! You are gonna have to make sure your scary things are hidden really well, and NOT in the Pottie CLoset!

PURTTY pitchers thar ms Brenda!!

Cal said...

Lovely pictures, Brenda, especially the sunset one.

Karen said...

Santa will come if you have been a good girl :D

wanda said...

The 'Scary Pumpkin Killing Hero', yet another role you've filled!!

I think your camera does quite a good job of capturing the beauty!
But I won't tell Santa, cause you deserve a new camera anyway!!

Sally said...

Poor little chickie :)

Those pictures couldn't be any more beautiful! You and Leslie blow me away with your picture takin'....


Mark said...

Great photos. :)

Cindra said...

I love my little handy dandy camera... Nikon 7900, fits in a little case I put on my belt. Best place to buy a camera is No tax and just use the regular shipping $19. You get it in two days. Another great tool is Google Picasa2. It is a free photo organizer and editing program. It's great! Gets the red eye out so easy it's unbelievable. It also does adjustments on photos really easy. Take a look and it's free!!!!

Pisser said...

I do so love your pictures - they make me think I've got a backyard and not a view of a busy street in Hell-A! :)

Could also use someone to say, "You're holding yourself Alexis, you need to go potty" to me at work, even though my name's not Alexis.

No one likes to give me my breaks!

Brent said...

Beautiful pictures! It think your camera is doing an excellent is the picture taker!

Congrats on your pumpkin victory!

Leslie said...

Brenda, those pictures are gorgeous. The word that comes to mind when I see your nature shots is 'peaceful'. Such a pretty spot you live in.

Dana said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Makes me miss the south. But then again, when do I NOT miss the south? LOL

Hoot Nannie said...

Hey Nanaw Superhero! Have you had to kill anymore monsters lately?

I could look for a long time at your pic of the morning glory vine with the mist out over the field. That is so peaceful looking. Good job on all the pictures. A Superhero has to wear many capes, don't you? Professional photographer must be one of them.