Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jerri's been updating her site.

Thought I'd post the links to the new postings over at Jerri's site. There are new photos on the Chick's page, and Jillian's page and the holidays page.
She has also been sewing up some new kiddy clothes and has some great new stories about what the Chick has been up to.

If ya'll are of a mind to, you can go by here and give her your vote for her site.


Martie said...

Hi Brenda!

It's been forever since I stopped by. You been busy. :)

Nice Pic on your profile BTW!

Leslie said...

I've checked in on her periodically and wasn't sure she was going to continue. She's one busy lady for sure.

Coffee's on....want a Danish to go with it? (Or maybe a nice Swede?)

Brenda said...

LOL, I'm not so sure I could handle a Swede this morning.

Sally said...

Well, I was a mind to, so did!! Send the Swede to me,hehehehe.....