Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You know you're sick when,,,,,

You're snorting, sniffing, and coughing and you lay down for a bit and have a dream that the door at Wal Mart ate yer shoes, you left your cell phone at home, and you had to walk for 3 miles, on bare feet, to find a place open (An all night florist, can you believe that?) to use their phone to call home.

I awoke from this NIGHTMARE to the sounds of my mother-in-law coming through my front door. I don't know if she knocked first, I musta been bitching about my sore feet and didn't hear it.

What was the meaning of THAT dream I wonder?


Joe said...

High price of gas!

wanda said...

I think it means you need new shoes! And not from WalMart.
I'm sorry to hear that your sick. I hope your all better real soon!

Special K said...

I think the dream was premonitory. Do you think it's a coincidence you had a nightmare moments before your MIL arrived? ;)

Cindra said...

Was your mother-in-law part of the nightmare?

Sally said...

Well, after WalMart ate yer shoes, why didn't you use THEIR phone bonehead!!

Hope you feel better soon. Hey, I can send my ex-ma-in-law over; you'd love her. Ha!!

Hoot Nannie said...

Here's a tissue & cough drop, Brenda. Now drink this hot toddy and go to bed. Everyone in your household is going to take care of you. What would you like for dinner? Are you warm enough? OK, just go to dream land, but let's leave Wal-Mart & shoes out of this one, OK??????

Now don't you feel better?? (I hope you do)

Cal said...

Hope you feel better soon, Brenda. I know what you mean about dreams. Sometimes I wake up and think what was that all about!

David said...

So was she really coming through the door?

Hope you are better today.

Holly said...

i had a dream last night that i ditched my kids and went to the beach with my best friend and her husband. on the way back i was struck by lightening.


Leslie said...

Depending on the mother-in-law, I'm not sure which is worse: the surprise visit or the evil shoe-eating door.

I hope you're feelin' better soon, Brenda. ((squeeze))

Mary Lou said...

From one nitemare to another!!! You poor thing!!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

me said...

You've got some interesting dreams, hon. Lay off the Nyquil.

Kim said...

Hmmm that reminds me of the story all parents used to tell us about having to walk for miles to school in knee deep snow LOL

Hope you're feeling better!

Phyllis said...

What are you smoking???

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I used to dream about having no shoes. Lot's of times. And usually only one shoe missing.

I'm hopeless at interpreting dreams though. So I'm no help.

Tine said...

I'm so sorry to not being around much these days but hubby is going back to work next week. I will get more time then. great pics my friend. HUGS

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