Sunday, August 21, 2005

Creative Grandparenting 101

After being climbed over and up several times by the Chick this morning I asked her if she was a monkey cause she climbed me like a tree.

Chick as she's climbing up into my lap again: Nanny's a banana tree.

Nanaw Banana Tree as she's being stabbed in her bark by little toes: Oh, NO, there's a monkey climbing me! What color monkey are you?

Chickie monkey as she reaches the top branches: I'm a blue monkey!

Nanaw Banana Tree: OUCH, monkey! What are you pulling my leaves out for?

Chickie monkey: I not pull out you leaves. I'm picking you bananas to eat em.

(sounds of munching, creaking branches)

Nanaw Banana Tree: You need to climb down little, blue monkey cause my limbs are going to break soon.

Chickie monkey: You not broke Nanny, you be alright.

I wanna know where it is written in the Grandma Book that you'll have to spend time as a tree. I thought I was wise about this stuff and knew all about having to be stuff like dogs, cats, and ducks, but that tree stuff is tough.


Special K said...

Blue monkays is the best monkays, even if they's feet be pokey. :)

me said...

You make such a good Nanaw tree, though.

We have to be careful if we're lying down. Dylan will hop on our backs and yell "Yeeha!" and start riding horsey.

Joe said...

LOL! I think you did well!

cassie-b said...

I'm making Nanny notes. This tree stuff is all new to me.


Brent said...

YIKES! Being a parent is tough enough, but I'm not sure I can handle what you're going through as a grandparent! Well, if you can be a banana tree, I think I can manage. Hang in there, Brenda!

Ms. Vickie said...

I don't think Nanny was having fun but I do believe a little monkey was right in her elemet with her Nanny. Have a good one Brenda.

Dana said...

LOL! My five year old is into climbing too! Gotta love 'em!

Hoot Nannie said...

What we won't do for our grandchildren!!! I have been a car, a train, and a mountain, but I don't think they've thought of the tree concept......YET!

Maybe Tarazan will be by to swing!!

David said...

Oh how I enjoyed this one - can see the love in your writing.

jerri said...

nanny I was a trapoline and a bed last night so she was still in bouncing form when she got home LOL

Mary Lou said...

Well you have never had a CHICKIE before!!

wanda said...

I love you Brenda! Would you be my Grandma too?(((((((Brenda)))))))