Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tis The Season

It's the time of year when the men folk around here are making their preparations for the arrival of the first Autumn hunting season. Guns are lovingly cleaned and polished, the spider webs are shaken from hunting coats, ammo belts, and game vests, and plots and plans are made to bring home meat for the table. A glow surrounds them and this strange gleam shines from their eyes as they gather to talk of their aim to kill the poor, defenseless, animals that they'll stalk for the next few months.

I have to tell you, most of the animals are fairly safe from the great hunters of this family because, although they profess skill as hunter-gatherers, we'd most likely starve if we had to depend on them to keep meat on the table. If, and when, they do bring home game, it is at great cost, so great that I believe I could have filled the freezer with a winter's worth of well cut, beef steaks for the same price.

For instance, dove hunting season begins this weekend and the projected expense is,,,

Sunflower seeds planted in May for a field for hunting, approx. $125.
New hunting license and a case of shotgun shells $ 80.
Insect repellent (cause those skeeters are rough this time of year) $10.
Incidentals $25.

Total: $240.

That'll be the cost of the meat for maybe 2 dinners made from the doves they'll kill. I do believe I could buy some fine beef for several dinners with $240.

Deer hunting season is even more expensive due to the costs of the deer stand, the arrows (for bow hunting with the $250 bow), the shells (for rifle hunting with a $700 rifle), the food and supplies for deer camp (if they go), the hand held GPS, at least 2 compasses, the atv, the gun case, gun sling, and don't forget the incidentals.

Is it worth the money? OH yeah, even if they don't bring home meat for the table, it's gotten them out of the house and out of my hair, and like I mentioned, the animals they hunt are mostly safe.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Lousiana and Mississippi who've had their worlds turned upside down and I hope John stayed safe!!


cassie-b said...

What is it with men and their hunting? Male bonding, do you think? Or something left over from days of old?
Enjoy your dove dinners.

Special K said...

Doves? I'm a carnivore, but there seems something wrong with eating doves. Kinda like eating puppies.

Brenda said...

These aren't the doves that brought the fig leaf to the ark ya know (grin) and they're actually quite good. Kinda like quail.

Mary Lou said...

I have a flock of about 30 doves that come to my feeders, and no way would I eat them. THey are fat and fluffy too.

Kat!!! PuPPIES?????

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Oh no! I couldn't kill something and then eat it, no matter how delicious it might be.

On the shelf in the supermarket, all nice and shrink wrapped - yes, cook it and feed me it now. But live and kicking (or flying) then onto my plate? No chance!

And glad to see you are safe and well from the storms, sweetpea.

Brent said...

HAHAHAHA...You really believe they are going hunting? HAHAHAHAHA!!

Leslie said...

I have a hard time stuffing a turkey because it looks freakishly like a baby (don't ask). Those $120 doves better have some meat on 'em. ;)

Phyllis said...

Plus the cost of cases of beer for the campfire!!

Amen to the prayers for the people of the hurricane area!

Hoot Nannie said...

I am so glad Ed doesn't deer hunt. He quail hunts a little and that is about it. But, my son-in-laws & brother-in-law hunt quite a lot. It is expensive and the SIL's really can't afford it, but that doesn't stop them!!

When I watch the reports from LA and MS I always end up teary eyed. I just cannot imagine all the angony and loss.

Kim said...

Love the post Brenda, very funny.

I can remember the look on my face when my hubby first told me about eating dove. My reaction was similiar to "k"'s. Well not really, I can remember thinking to myself, "what is it with you rednecks, you'll eat anything"

Cindra said...

I remember the days when the men in my family hunted. My oldest son brought home a deer we think must have been killed from gunshot smoke inhalation. When he proudly dumped the deer on the driveway our youngest, three at the time, said, "Mommy, what did that deer do to Rhett?" He figured if Rhett would kill something, it must have done something to it. They still have an occasional hunt session - the boys - but, for the most part, the animals get a cheap thrill and the boys come home empty handed.

Joe said...

Hey girl, I just don't have the stomach for killing! I would starve if I had to hunt for food! LOL! Have a good hump day!

David said...

Okay I would love for Bambi to have a gun to shoot back. I am not much of a hunter.

Karen said...

If it gets men out of the house for a while it sounds great to me ;)