Sunday, August 14, 2005

I have a question.

Do men come with a built in tuner that tells them the best time to act an "ass" is when you're in the throes of PMS or menopausal? Or are the men who do the "ass acting" just so out of tune, all the time, with anydamnthing but themselves and I most especially notice it when I'm having PMS or having one of those menopausal, "kill something", days?

Today has been one of those days.

The crying jag began this morning as I was watching The Mighty. I didn't select the program, it was just on when I decided to sit and watch TV a while. I'm not much of a channel surfer and just tend to gaze at the screen while other things are running through my mind. I'd seen this movie before and it made me cry then so I should have remembered and changed channels but I was just in a mood and feeling too lazy to even push the buttons on the remote.

Anyway, I was feeling headachy and tired after I'd watched the movie and James came in to take over the remote again, so I took a short nap. I think I dozed off a for a little while but Ya-Ya was throwing a bitch fit cause I'd left the room so I didn't sleep for long. So I got up and started cooking some supper while James was taking his second nap of the day.

My bad mood escalated when I woke him up to eat supper and he noticed that I'd forgotten to make the tea. He started in with his bitching and griping so I told him not to even bother eating if the damned tea was so important to the meal. He then proceeded to tell me that he'd been the one who bought the groceries,,,yada,,yada,,yada. I left the table and told him to "eat the damned things alone then!"

I was angry enough to cry again but I was so furious I didn't want him to see just how upset I was, and didn't. Later when he and Zach drove down to the farm to check on some irrigation pivots I again parked myself in front of the TV (after clearing up their supper dishes) and Extreme Home Makeover was on. It was so heartwrenching that I cried for 2 hours.

After all that cleansing crying I should feel better but I don't. It might be a good idea for these folks around here to lay low until this emotional episode is over.


Brent said...

Even guys have days like this, but not so much to the extreme. Sometimes we feel your pain, but most of the time we are just jerks. There, I said it!! I hope you perk up, Brenda. We love ya!

David said...

Being a man, I had better not address PMS but it does make women weird. Sorry could not resist.

It is just something we do not understand and never will I am afraid.

me said...

I remember crying because of toilet paper commercials. I still get teased about it. I guess the hysterectomy took care of PMS, so no more crying. Now I'm just crabby.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

We all have days like this. But women get them worse, of course. Well, they would say that wouldn't they?

Interestingly, it has been reported that men also suffer from a male version of PMT (although it's obviously not PM!) when it seems all the women around them ever do is bicker, whine, complain and forget to make the tea.

Oh wait, I'm getting confused... that's normal female behaviour.

*naughty Piggy. Very naughty Piggy*

Anyway (fave word) petal, I hope this phase passes quickly for you. You do realise you could always just hit him over the head with a pot and get some peace and quiet for a while. Or next time, don't wake him for his supper!


jerri said...

oh nannaw I can feel your pain! Your son is JUST like him LOL

Sally said...

I think your second assumption about men is correct. They're out of tune ALL THE TIME, or, should I say, the ones I have known. Do I ever ask myself why I'm not longer married? Y.E.S. Keep your chin up, it'll get better. :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly Brenda, had it been me I wouldn't make him any meals for about a week or so. He's got two hands, he can do it himself. I would just make enough for you and Zach. :) But then I'm evil like that. LOL


Joan said...

I need me a big sign like that.

My hubby has been pretty good lately, but only because he out of my hair buying toliet paper most of the time.

Hoot Nannie said...

Hey Brenda, I have been doing some catching up. You have some of the funniest posts. Even when you are mad, or having a bad day, you still manage to put humor in here. Bless your heart, I hope things are going better by now. I like your little cartoon about the Serenity Prayer.

I know what you mean about needing adult conversation. I find myself saying, "Nannie needs to go potty" even when I'm alone or with adults. Seems kids are our life. That little one of your is growing so fast. That is a great pic of her and the Chick. Your other grandchildren are such cuties too. They also are growing up fast. Maybe they will all be good to us when we are in the nursing home?? You think?

(I would have probably brewed some tea & accidently pour it over someone's head!!!)

Hang in there dear, it will only get worse....OH NO, I mean better!! :)

Mary Lou said...

Ya ever thought about writing down the things you do during the week, and the amount of time it takes you? THen take an average wage of around 12.00 an hour for domestic labor, and then present him with the bill. DOnt forget the nursing, and the sex, and the babysitting etc.

He just oughta be glad he isnt married to me. The ass would be sooooo hungry.

Special K said...

I don't think men are out of tune -- quite the contrary. I think they know exactly when to behave like assholes for maximum effect, and choose to do so because they're immature, navel-gazing dicks who want attention, no matter if it's bad.

Clearly, I've got my own PMS thing going on.

Joe said...

Hey girl, do I need to throw my hat in before I say come here and let me give you a big HUG!