Monday, August 22, 2005

A note from TW

Our little blog community slowly and sadly dwindles and I've felt pains as each one has made the decision to put blogging on a back burner as other, more important, things in their lives take more and more of their time.

I sent a note to TW last week to say how much I've been missing her and she replied with this sweet and newsy letter and gave me permission to post it so all of her blog friends would know what's going on in her life right now.

Thankee, Miz Brenda.

The whole story of the blog is this--I inadvertantly left my draft up
and the Hunter read it. Unfortunately it was an entry where I was
b!tching about him. He knew I had a "blog" but he didn't realize what
kinds of things I was posting. Of course, it didn't happen on any of
the days where I posted good things about him. So I told him I'd take
the blog down, that I didn't mean to hurt anyone, just to have a place
to vent. Taking it down has paid off big time. He's pretty much being
the nice decent guy I remember from way back. And it works out since I
was having less and less time to give it anyway.

My MIL has had complications from her knee replacement and was in and
out of hospitals in Atlanta, but I think is home for good now. The
Hunter's grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia, (she's 95), and
her kids are all giving her grief and just don't want to deal with her.
His sister is taking advantage of all the illness to make off with some
more money. And then, on top of all that, we had to have our poor
Beastie put to sleep on Tuesday. We've had three tumors removed this
year, and they finally did an x-ray and found the reason for her
problems wasn't all the little tumors but the grapefruit sized one in
her stomach. After this last surgery she was going downhill and in such
pain. The Hunter was so upset, and Paloma was inconsolable--she and the
Beast were the same age. So--looks like I've had my blog entry right here.

I hope to keep up with everyone, but now that the urchins are back in
school I think the Hunter is going to actually find things for me to do.

If anyone you know I know asks for my e-mail, feel free to give it to
them. If you wouldn't mind posting any of the above (if anyone cares,
that is), maybe folks will know where I went. I know I disappeared
abruptly, but it was something that had to be done.

Keep well, and drop by on your way to the beach sometime. I miss you.


Mary lou was kind enough to send me TW's email addy since I'd lost it when I changed hard drives. She or I will be glad to send you TW's addy if you'd send us an email requesting it.

I know each of us started blogging for different reasons and for some of us the reasons have changed, some have stayed the same, but for all of us I believe it's been an enriching and enjoyable experience.

I started blogging after I first visited Special K's blog and thought to myself, "hey, here's a way I can say what I think, get all the frustrations vented, and not have to worry about hurting those people's feelings that caused the frustrations in the first place". While that has changed, somewhat, I still use my blog as a journal to record thoughts and events that I feel strongly about, and to post about my family doings. I still write for me.

I do not always have time to read each of the blogs every day that I so enjoy reading, but when I can, it's almost like sitting down to have a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend when I do get a chance to stop in. I love each and every one of my blog buds very much and I cherish their friendships more than anyone could ever know.

I sure do miss my blog friends who are no longer posting but I also understand their need for change at different times in their lives.

Why do you blog?


Cal said...

I've always kept a diary so it was just one step on from that. I read about blogs a couple of years ago, couldn't grasp what it was all about at first but when I did thought it sounded interesting so thought why not! I'm glad I did as I really enjoy it. Meeting great people, learning lots of new things.

And Brenda thanks for the comment you left today. I do appreciate it.

Brooke said...

I don't know why I do it. I guess now that I have met some really great people I don't want to give it up. I feel if I do I won't get to talk to them anymore.

Ms. Vickie said...

I started to blog because I no longer worked after taking long term medical disability due to Multiple Sclerosis and becoming depressed when I heard the news I would not return to work. Not having any kids, living in an area without family I had too much time on my hands and my husband suggested I might enjoy starting a blog.

I'm very glad I did although a few things have changed, I still continue to blog I just blog in a different manner now.

Mary Lou said...

I started as a means of documenting my days after I retired. I had NO IDEA that people would actually read it. I still document for me.

Hoot Nannie said...

It just gets in your blood. You think about everyone & things you see make you think of someone. You learn about different parts of the US or world. You find out everyone has problems and how they deal with them. You laugh, you cry, you enjoy the diverse personalities. And just like life in general, sometimes it gets a little too much or takes too much time. But you can back off....take a break. You can always come back. Unless you are a blogger or have been, you will never understand the connections you form. (Yikes this is too long!)

me said...

I began because I needed an outlet, a way to communicate with people outside my community. I also was learning html, and it was a perfect way to try out different things. Then I discovered that I was making friends! It snowballed from there!

wanda said...

I'm glad to finally know what's going on with TW. Mary Lou had sent me her email but I was hesitant about writing because, I know all too well how it is when things aren't going well. Sometimes we simply aren't up to sharing.
I experienced a similiar problem with my blog back a year or so ago. My son found it and was agast at the things I had written. He was quite put out with me. I know Kasey doesn't like for me to write about our ups and downs either. Added to that is the fact that many of my fellow bloggers don't share my POV when it comes to my passion (politics) and you can see why I was sorely tempted for a while to just give it up all together.
To make a long story short (the ending you already know) I went a different route and now have two blogs. I will admit Just Breathe is the more difficult of the two to keep up. There are days when I have to dig deep to find things to write about. But, I do it. Because all of you have become like family to me and I can't imagine letting these relationships fall into disrepair. So, as to why I blog? There are many reasons, but primarily because I love the people I blog with. It's as simple as that.

cassie-b said...

I would so like to have TWs email address.

I blog - first because my whole family had blogs, and it was an easy way to keep in touch. Now I blog because I want to. I don't tell much personal stuff, but I do enjoy telling stories, and sharing. I enjoy reading other blogs very much.

Have a good day.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I find it impossible to keep a diary. I don;t know why, because I can blog until my fingers fall off.

The difference with a blog though is that it has interaction. It's almost like having little chats and gossips and moans about the weather with friends.

I blog because it lets me vent frustration. I blog because I like feedback, good or bad, on how I conduct my life. I blog because it lets me keep in touch with people around the world, most of whom I've never met who have become 'special'.

Blogging, for me, is educational, informative, supportive, sharing, fun, endearing, creative, voyeuristic and fun.

Houston said...

I blog because, just because.

I have dozens of friends. Good friends, firmly bonded and committed. Friends who are not the least bit interested in how I process my reality. By blogging, I have the purported interest in dozens of new, virtual friends all around the world, literally. Each of them wishing for the success of one of my various personalities. How cool is that?

Special K said...

I'm not really sure. I think I'm experiencing some Blog Burnout.

David said...

It is tough to loose those we come to know in this blog land. But it does happen.

Why do I blog? It is an outlet to release feelings that I am not allowed to release in this household.

It is a way to stay in contact with others in this world as well - to share their joys and pains as the case might be.

Sally said...

I blog because of the wonderful new friendships,and I too love you!! :)

Cindra said...

The person that first inspired me to blog is no longer blogging. I enjoyed sitting in someone's kitchen with them listening to their day's story and then getting a chance to tell mine. It gives me a place to climb on a soapbox and I don't care if anyone notices. I've met some really wonderful personalities.. I don't say people because I haven't met but one personally. I have learned a lot and laughed a lot. I love it and miss it when I can't read them for a few days. It is my relaxing time... my blood pressure drops and my breathing slows and I just read and smile and jot a note or two. Thanks, Brenda.

kb said...

So I can bitch up a storm, if I'm ever found out I'll have to go the route of TW.

Karen said...

I feel sad when blog friends go away ... Although I have been busy I had to come by and catch up with you *hugs*

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