Friday, August 26, 2005


Most people have those rare days when they can't get motivated to do anything but it's the opposite for me lately, I get those rare days when I actually DO something.

Today ain't one of them.

Instead of brushing this hair that looks like I've been plugged into an outlet, I've been checking to see if I could be hypnotized.

I could.

Then I discovered the reason behind all of my meandering ways by going here.

Not surprising.

Then, just to pass a little more time before I make myself move to fold that waiting load of laundry, I made a movie and played another game.

I'd better go brush my hair and get that laundry folded or I'm going to grow to this chair.

Have a great weekend!


CaS said...

Just passing through
Most of my family like in Ark. :)

Have a great friday

Mary Lou said...

Ya mean you're s'posed to comb your hair every day? Gads next thing you know they will be telling us we need to get out of our pjs at least every other day too! :(

Ms. Vickie said...

Oh my just one more thing I should do and here I thought I would have time to read some extra blogs. Hope you have a good week-end and maybe you will share some more pictures of the cute ones with us.

Mark said...

Multi-tasker you.

Brent said...

I have no hair to comb, so I have to be jealous. Have a great weekend, too, Brenda!!

Phyllis said...

Hey!! I commented this morning...where did it go??
I went to that silly site and got got confused. Hmmmm, not hard for me to do. Get confused, that is!

Cal said...

Another reason to add to the list of why I don't drink coffee! Seems to me like you had a pretty busy time in spite of no motivation.

Sally said...

I tried getting hypnotized once - she finally told me I was disturbed enough already!!

Happy Weekend - I'm not combing my hair or getting out of Pj's today, period!! :)

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I liked that little movie making thingy!

That was fun. I wish it had more scenes though.

Leslie said...

I made a silent movie about a bear in a cabin, and have been poked, prodded, peed in a cup, ate an orange, drive all the way to the clinic then realized I forgot my healthcare card, drove home, peed again, drove back, went window shopping, didn't buy any windows, drank some horrible coffee and ate a veggie roll, oohed and aahed at stuff in store windows, drove home, and now I'm full circle.

I think I've done enough for both of us today so you're off the hook. ;)

wanda said...

The hypnotized link won't work for me. I knew caffine makes me crazy. That's why I avoid it as much as possible.
We're suppose to brush our hair EVERYday? Dang. I suppose we're suppose to wear clothes too.