Friday, August 05, 2005

Ready to bite bullets.

We got the news a few days ago that they have come up with a new dress code for the students of Barton-Lexa High School and Elementary School. These bullets around here sport my teeth marks due to the fact that we've found out about this through the grapevine of our little rural community and not due to the graciousness of the folks that run our tiny school district. The fact of the matter is, I spent over $130 at a great JC Pennys sale the weekend we were in Little Rock buying a few shirts and shorts for Zach to start school in and he can't wear any of the shirts to school due to this newly imposed dress code. I can also scratch the option of his being able to wear a few of the shirts that still fit him from last spring.

While I can't afford to waste too many dimes, it won't hamper our abilty to eat regularly or have electricity,,,,I'm just suffering from the aggravation of having to go out and buy more shirts that will fit the code. But there are families, many families, who have budgeted and struggled to purchase new school clothes for their children who will suffer a great financial burden over this. When asked why parents weren't informed of this change sooner, the elementary school secretary stated that letters were supposedly sent out with their last report cards in early June. Surprisingly, not one family received such a letter.

I'll leave you with these sweet photos (one taken by Jerri) while I go off and chew on a few more rounds of ammunition.


Mary Lou said...

Wow they are so cute!! all of them. Jordan is really growing up isnt she?

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I agree with you re the school uniform expense.

When I was little, my parents really struggled at the start of the new school year kitting me out in the latest 'requirements'.

I remember on one occasion being sent home because I didn't have the correct shade of black trousers (!) - explaining that my parents couldn't afford new ones at that moment in time carried no weight with them and I was duly despatched home.

To say my mother was furious would be the understatement of the century.

Thankfully, their poor years didn't last for ever. By the time I was a teenager, we didn't have to worry about such things any longer. But many of my friends and other family members did.

While uniforms *can* be a good thing, it appears, as always, not everyone fits into the 'oh it's not a huge amount of money they can all afford it' category. And as always, it's the kid's who end up suffering as a result.

Food and electricity or school uniform with the limited amount of money available? I know which I'd choose.

Holly said...

That's really sorry on the part of the school district. That sort of thing should have been announced BEFORE school was let out for the summer... to give parents an opportunity to work on the issue. Especially those with lots of kids. I only have 2 in school and honestly.. That's 2 enough to make me broke. We have electricity and food.. but beyond that we don't have a lot of money to play around with. Fortunately mine and husband's mothers are both involved and like to buy things for the kids and help out.

I also hear you on the lacking adult conversation bit. My blog responses are all wandering meandering blabbering just trying to reach out to other human beings sometimes.

I know the colors in spanish.. and that coqui is frog and tortuga is turtle.. all courtesy of Dora. I was also able to talk to a Mexican woman in the pediatrician's office with dora's help LOL I love Dora.

wanda said...

I know I'm probably going against the grain here, BUT, I think all schools should have students wear standard uniforms. Studies have shown students who attend schools where uniforms are worn do better both academically and socially. They have fewer disipline problems as well. There can be provisions made for families who can't afford the uniforms (bake sales, car washes, ect.). It's also a fact that the purchase of standard uniforms actually cost less than what most families spend on new school clothes.
Okay you can all throw tomatoes at me now.
Those are some beautiful grandchildren.

Sally said...

I can sure understand the frustration of having to "start over" with the school clothes.

Let me tell you, those pictures are absolutely precious!! You are one blessed lady (even if you do have to pick 'maters and spend more money). Have a great weekend, Monday will be here before we know it. :)

jerri the chicks and baby chicks mom said...

wanda I would have to agree with you on the uniforms as much as you probably all know I love to dress the chick cute, but I can remember (growing up poor) envying so many girls and not fitting in because my clothes were not up to their standards! Uniforms make everyone equal as far as that goges...however the school should have informed everyone before now!

Brenda said...

I ain't throwing no maters and they aren't making them wear uniforms exactly. Just simple shirts with nothing on them (and ya'll know how Zach loves spiderman everything so guess what we mostly have?)and no plain, white, t-shirts. I'd have no gripe with this at all if they'd informed us BEFORE we'd done all the school shopping. And you've gotta know these people, I call the principal and superintendent Hitler wannabes cause they do all they can to make things as difficult as they can for the parents. They're power crazy I tell ya!

Special K said...

Those people at the school board need a sharp kick in the slats.

And that piccie of the chickies is way too cute for words.

cultureshock553 said...

So what exactly will the school do if enough kids don't show up in uniform the first day, or if enough parents object to the lack of notice? This infuriates me on your behalf and on behalf of those parents who struggle to put a roof over their children's heads. Yes, uniforms have their merits, but can't they be phased in over a period of a year or two? When my kids' schools went to uniforms (the darlings are grown now, thank God), the children were given the option of whether or not to wear them for the frist two years, thus giving everyone time to adjust. Another advantage was that by the time the third year rolled round, the schools were able to start a uniform "recycling" program for people who needed it. You seem quite vocal (LOL) - could you suggest something like this?

Beautiful pics!

Joe said...

Hey girl why do they do creap lke that? Nice pics.

Mark said...

Peanuts are safer than bullets.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Only for those without an allergy, Mark!

*trots back out*

cassie-b said...

What great looking kids. Thanks so much for sharing. I just think the kids are what it's all about, and by your actions, you must think something similar.

What kind of shirts do they have to wear, for pete's sake?