Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I am furious!

I've been watching the news reports about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina with much sadness. Every station shows footage of the devastation left in the wake of one of the most destructive storms ever to come onshore in the U.S. When I saw video of the people looting in New Orleans and Biloxi I at first felt pity because I felt that perhaps they were hungry, and wet, and needed clothes and food, but after watching for awhile, I noticed that it wasn't only food and a few clothes these people were hauling by the arm loads out of the shops and stores.

Many of the evacuees have made their way north to our doorstep. Every hotel and motel in Eastern Arkansas, Northern Mississippi, Memphis, and many other areas, are full and beyond. The Grand Casino just across the river in Tunica, Mississippi has opened their doors and provided their grand ballroom for as many of the refugees as they can hold. Although safe from bodily harm, these people are running out of funds to pay for food and shelter and they have no idea when they'll be able to return home or even if they have a home to return to.

Although many of the hotels have reduced their rates for the evacuees, there have also been cases where they increased them "to keep the wrong sort of people out". It sickens me. I have to question why haven't they set aside a few rooms to offer these people at no charge? Had this tragedy not occurred they would have the empty rooms, right?

Another reason for my fury is an announcement made on Channel 3 news last night. They had to ask for many of the area churches to open their doors and their coffers to help. They had to ASK, people! There was a time when the Churches would have been the first in line to give aid in a tragedy such as this. What have our southern claims to Christianity become?

I'm proud to be a southerner with a southern claim to hospitality but at this moment I feel so ashamed.


Rusty said...

It takes something that big and horrible to bring out the best, and the worst, in some people. That is shameful.

Mary Lou said...

As Rusty said, it does bring out the worst in people too, and maybe since this is a HORRIBLE disaster, the rest of the country will take a good hard look at the state of our society and start us down the long long road back to decency! We are a Long way from it right now.

I wonder how many other countries are offering help? PHHFFTTT!!!

Valarie said...

It's sad that times like this brings out the best, and the worst, in people. I watched the videos of people looting and felt that same anger that you did.

cultureshock553 said...

This disaster is beyond belief. We have THOUSANDS of evacuees pouring into Shreveport. 20% of our police dept. has been ordered to go south. The crime and unemployment rates in North LA. are fixin'to go up, you can bet on it. The long-term repercussions of this are staggering. Looting in New Orleans is totally out of control. I am also embarrassed and ashamed. What in the world must people think of us down here? Meanwhile, my sweet 16-yr.-old spends all her spare time at the LSU-S gym, playing with and reading to the small children of evacuees, so the grown-ups can have a break. There are far more of us who do right than wrong. When will the media report that?

me said...

They had to ask the churches to help? What is up with that???

Brent said...

Yes, the looting is just disgusting. And while it's sad they had to ask the churches, you know that there are millions of people who giving, helping, and volunteering. Hooray for those who are doing the right thing!

D said...

It's during times like this when I'm proud of our United Methodist Conference here in the Southern 2/3 of Illinois. They are always quick to get the word out about relief needs. The day after the hurricane, we were given requests for and information on how to send donations through the Methodist Relief agency for hurricane disaster relief. You can bet dollars will be flowing in from Illinois.

Sally said...

I couldn't agree with you more Brenda although the relief efforts seem to be speeding up. At least, our local news tonight showing many tractor trailer loads ready to move that way, and our police & fire & rescue are already there. It's such a devastation; I can't stop thinking about those poor souls, and yes especially the ones who have no money to call their own, and no home to go back to.

Brenda said...

I know that good, decent, people from all over the U.S. and the world are going to do their part to help these people. I went today in search of a church here in our area that was helping the evacuees and after asking in several places I was directed to one. I drove there and gave them a donation and left my phone number. It's just so terribly, terribly sad because there is nothing left for so many of them to go home to.

Cindra said...

I have been upset with the criticism of the police. Wondering why they aren't stopping the looting. Duh! They have their hands full. They are outnumbered, there is panic and desperation, there are dead bodies floating in the water and they have to exhausted! It is very easy to criticize when you are not there. Also, people don't realize how hard it is to get the necessary help items. I heard tonight that people are attacking trucks that are filled with food coming to help people. It is like something out of a disaster movie where you think, thank God that isn't true when you leave the movie, but it is. It is hard to help down there, because everything is decimated. It is just mind blowing... glad you are safe. Hope things don't get out of hand in your area. Take care. It's so upsetting... can you tell? ;-)

Hoot Nannie said...

You have nailed many of the bad things that are going on during this horrible tragedy. There are so many sides to all this ongoing story. There will be bad and good coming out of this for months...maybe years. There will be mistakes made as their is no blueprint to follow for something this big and devastating. Let's just pray for guidance and wisdom for all those having to make crital decisions.

David said...

I totally agree with you. People who steal from others drive me crazy, but in this situation they make me furious. Here America will be reaching out to hundreds of thousands and yet the world will see those who are stealing on their news programs.

Tine said...

It's indeed very sad that you have to ask a church for their help

Special K said...

During 9/11, a lot of the hotels in Manhattan doubled or tripled their room rates, too. God bless capitalism.

BLOG for Sara's Shop said...

Thanks so much, Brenda for stopping by my blog and leaving the message. I also agree with you. There is much that has been royally screwed up and when so many lives are involved this makes it even worse. Hopefully they will get it together and make some headway in getting people evacuated, getting food and water to people without, etc. I also strongly encourage others that haven't made contributions to organizations that will be assisting the people who have been. Even if you live a long distance from the areas affected by the hurricane, you can send a check (no matter how small or large) to one of several organizations. They will need a tremendous amount of money in the future to fill the needs of these people.

Sara Tamburrino

Karen said...

It is sad when selfishness comes into play when this sort of tragedy happens

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