Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Introduction to family of the family of one of Zach's teammates:

Carla: Brenda, this is my sister-in-law from "hell".

Brenda to sister-in-law: Nice to meetcha, I can relate, I'm from there too!

Conversation with grandmother of another of Zach's team players before the second Saturday game:

Grandma of Tyson: Well you made it back, are you feeling better, have you cooled off?

Brenda: Oh yeah. One little old lady tried to run me down on the way but after those two cold beers I was ready and I left her in the dust!

During a tense moment during the second Saturday game while standing at the fence behind the Ump behind the batter. D'Quenton is up at bat, 2 on base, no runs.

Brenda yelling: D'Q, if you hit those runners in I'll give you $5!

D'Q: WHAP,,,!!!

Two runners in! Brenda $5 poorer but smilin! (ya gotta know how to motivate those younguns!)

When James called on Friday to tell me all the new granddaughter details, he said when they brought the baby out Alexis was so excited and then got so pissed off because they were taking HER baby away to the nursery. My son told me they were waiting for Jerri to come out of recovery, and when she did, they let Alexis ride back to the room on the gurney with her Mom.

I'm so glad the folks at the hospital let her be there so she could bond with her new little sister.

Jerri called last night to tell me about another Chickie moment. Alexis had just gotten out of the bath and was cold so Jerri got some warm clothes out of the dryer to dress her in.

Jerri: Here's your Scoobie panties, let's put them on.

Chick: Not the Scoobie panties, they get in my crack, give me the Dora ones.

Another reason to smile over the weekend.

My sister doing the "Chicken wing" dance in front of Chili's to the delight of Jordan and Jaylen and about a hundred passers by.


Sally said...

Ah, the baby is so beautiful. I'm happy for all of you, especially the Chick. I always wanted a sister - the closest has been my s-i-l, and, no she isn't from hell - well, most of the time. :)

The little ball players are so cute; I know Zach will remember always you taking him on that trip. You're such a great NaNaw to all of them.

Leslie said...

Hee Hee Hee! I don't even know where to start on this awesome newsy entry.

Alexis' comment about the underwear cracked me right up. Tell it like it is, li'l sister.

Good thing you only promised one kid $5 -- that was really sweet of you.

Is your sister getting paid for this, or is it just something she feels really strongly about ;)

Special K said...

Scoobie panties!

kb said...

You sure are quick witted!! I love that character in a woman....

TW said...

Indian underwear is a pain--you know, it keeps creeping up on you!

Money is a great motivator. If it works, don't argue. Why do you think they pay the pros so much.

The new baby is a doll! And I love her name.

Brenda said...

I hope he remembers it Miz Sally, I hope my kids also remember the times I could be there. Jillian is such a GOOD baby!

Ms Leslie, my sister, Terri, is an RN, LNC, and the project manager of the Antenatal & Neonatal Triage call center (Angels) at the UAMS hospital in Little Rock. But I think her real calling is doing spontaneous public demonstrations of the "chicken wing" dance!

Ooops,,sorry SK I forgot that was a no-no word! (grin)

kb I come from a long line of complete idiots.

I was desperate TW, we were down by 4 runs! I think they chose a great name for Jillian (we're already calling her Jilly or Jillybean)

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David said...

My gosh what a post that went everywhere. It cracked me up.

Kids say the funniest things.

Now about paying someone for a hit.......does that make him a pro?

Shara said...

Great post!! SIL from Hell...I'll be laughing all day over that one.

A Scooby wedgie....who knew?

Brooke said...

Oh Brenda! The baby is so beautiful! I know the chik is loving it too.
I hope your baseball adventures are as fun as I remember! ;)

me said...

So, did all the other kids that got hits want $5 too?

They're gonna have all kinds of fun when the Chickie wants to trot around with the baby!

And next time, get a picture of your sister and her Chicken dance! Although a picture of the people watching might be just as good.

Brenda said...

Thanks Charity I feel honored.

I think these lads have just a few years before they'll turn pro David (grin)

Shara I wonder if we could earn money for advertising for Scooby Do? (grin)

Brooke We're mighty proud of our girls! This baseball stuff is getting old.

Kim The other lads had their shares earlier when I was paying a dollar for 3 pitches at the speed check machine. They cleaned me out of a 20 real fast!
We'll have to watch the Chick for sure, she thinks she's grown!
If Terri makes it to the family reunion later this month, I'll try to get a pic of her chicken wing dance for ya.

Hoot Nannie said...

Thanks for all the smiles! You & your sister must be a blast to be around!

Don't you just hate it when your Scoobie panties get stuck in your crack....that's always a good reason to reach for your Dora ones! LOL

wanda said...

You have such an awesome family!

Cindra said...

I think this has to be one of my favorite posts of yours. I'm not one for sitting in the heat and dust watching baseball games, but if I was sitting next to you it would be worth the discomfort.