Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full as a tick on a fat old hound dog.

Soon after my son and the Chick arrived this morning, Jerri came with the littliest Chicklet and brought the fixins for a sho'nuff southern cooked meal. I put on a pot of pinto beans before she got here and then she cooked up some turnip greens, cheese and macaroni, hamburger steaks and gravy, and some banana pudding. I made some of those boxed mashed taters and sliced up some 'maters and cucumbers and we sat down to a meal fit for any member of down south royalty. (not that we have any of those but if we hadof ya know).

There was one little episode today that shook up the Chick and I just a tad. We hopped in the truck before noon to make a cold drink run to the store and after I'd gotten her buckled in and got in myself and shut the door we heard this tremendous BOOM. For a second, before I turned around to see whatthehell was going on, I thought we'd been shot at. But it turns out that the back glass on my truck exploded when I shut the truck door. I think the temps were already over a hundred at that time so I guess the heat caused it to explode. Luckily all the glass fell in the back seat and in the truck bed. Now Nanny's hoping it doesn't rain before she can get her truck to the shop on Monday!


Leslie said...

No wonder you thought it was a shot. That must've been a helluva bang. Good thing it blew into the bed and the back seat.

Your dinner sounds SOOOO good, Brenda. Especially dessert ;) I'm sitting out on the front step right now, enjoying a cool evening breeze after all my weed-pulling. Wish I could send some down your way. (Breeze, not weeds) : )

Mark said...

Some people will do anything for attention. ;)

Joan said...

Damn I hungry for mac and cheese right now..and a hamburger steak with gravy. Lordy!

Talk about a heat wave, I can't believe it blew your winder out. Hope no one got hurt.

Cal said...

Now that is hot weather. Glad to hear no-one got hurt.

Sally said...

Wow - I've never heard of that happening before - thank God y'all were alright.

Banana puddin'? With the cooked kind or instant. If you say instant, I'll not be craving it!!!
Turnip greens? Didja have fried cornbread?

Just curious. :)

Brent said... must have been really HOT!

And just so you know, I'm a northern boy who LOVES pinto beans! You can't get them anywhere here!

Cindra said...

Wow! Windows shouldn't do that! That had to be scary. Good thing you had some banana pudding with 'niller wafers to take your mind off of it. It is with niller wafers isn't it?