Saturday, July 02, 2005

A little rain and a lotta sunshine

We had a short but relieving rain during the early morning hours yesterday but then the sun broke through and turned our little spot in the country into a sauna. Thinking it would be a tad cooler if I went out while the grass was still glittering with dew this morning, I put on my old beach floppers and went to pull some weeds. Thirty minutes later I was drenched as though I'd been in a steamy shower, so the outdoor work today has been sort of the in and out kind. Out to do a little work, then back in to dry off the sweat and cool off a bit before wading back out into the humidity once again.

I picked up the yard, toys, toys, and more toys, so the mower wouldn't shred them into more work (to pick up) then James and Bubbie went to the corn field and brought home 125 ears of corn to shuck as we sat beneath the cypress tree. They'll probably go back on Monday to pull a few more ears to cut from the cob. In a bit I'll call down to the corner to order a Pizza Pro pizza and boil up a pot of that corn for supper.

We had another one of the bad news calls this morning. James's cousin (second cousin)died this morning after more than a year long battle with cancer. Tomorrow we'll drive to Frog Jump, Tennessee and attend the visitation at the funeral home in Halls. The funeral is Monday and the kids have already planned on a cook-out here so we'll pay our respects tomorrow instead.

Of all of hubby's family, I believe I loved Amos Earl (and yep, he went by both names) the most. He was always a joker and was the family historian. He'd traced that branch of the family tree a long ways back and it was neat to find out that one of James's grandmother's family was once the vice-president of the United States. I don't remember which one he was, but I reckon he had to be one of the redneck ones. This branch of the family was also one of the old slave owning plantation families but after the civil war things took a downward turn and over the decades the land had to be sold off.

I've finished my coffee break now so I'll go call in that pizza order and get the corn to boiling. I hope everyone is having a grand holiday weekend!


TW said...

Sorry about your husband's cousin. Was the VP Andrew Jackson? He was from those parts.

I thought I was in the wrong spot when your page came up? These design changes throw me off every time.

There were a house full of Arkansas folks staying down the beach from us. I didn't get a chance to ask where they were from, though, but they seemed pretty nice.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the lost in the family. So sad.

I just love fresh corn on the cob. I could eat 2 - 3 ears just for dinner. Good stuff !!

Brent said...

Brenda, you change your template more than I change my underwear. I think that's a goog thing!!

wanda said...

Well, there's your third, in the rule of bad luck and threes.
My condolences on James's cousin. But I love the name of his little town (Frog Jump, how cool is that?). I rather like his name too.
We had a nice little thunderstorm this afternoon. Knocked out the power for a couple of hours. I do love our southern summer afternoon thunderstorms.
So far so good for the weekend. We've only had a couple of minor explosions (no, I don't mean fireworks). But it's still early.

Hoot Nannie said...

Now that is a lot of corn! Did you cook all 125 ears to eat with that pizza? :0 Did you freeze it on the cob?

Sorry about the loss in your family.

Cal said...

Sorry to hear about James' cousin.
I don't think I would manage very well with your weather. When we get a bit of humidity hear I wilt!

David said...

I am sorry about the loss in your family. It is always so hard to lose those we care about and love.

Hope you have a safe trip and may God be with you and yours during this time of loss.

Sally said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Brenda. Hope you have a safe trip, and then enjoy a good holiday with your family.

Yesterday, I was like you - in and out of the house - the heat and humidity making it so difficult to get much done. After about 4 hours and going out and coming in, I finally gave up. Take care.

cassie-b said...

My condolences to you and your family for the passing of Amos Earl.

Could you save me an ear of that corn. Ours isn't in yet. Ahh - it's probably too long a drive.

Mary Lou said...

Man, That family has been really hit hard this year hasnt it. Hopefully it has all stopped now.

Our corn wont be ready here until late AUgust. it is only knee high right now. "Knee high by the forth of July" "and planted when the leaves on the oak trees are as big as mouse ears" Then you know you'll you will have a good crop.

Joan said...

Wow, that family is having no luck at all. When it rains it pours!!

I can't believe you are eating corn already!! We have another month to go. mmmm I can just taste it already. I noticed the last few years the farmers are planting hybrid types of corn, some of it is so sweet it's like candy. I still like the old kind the best with lots of salt and butter.