Monday, July 11, 2005

Still one tired Nanny

The weekend of ballgames nearly did me in this time. The traffic was HORRIBLE, and I was in and out of that truck, up and down those hills at the ball park, and tired from toting all the stuff necessary for a weekend away with an 8 yr old ball player. They played 5 games and lost 2 of them, they were eliminated on Sunday by that team of big boys from Cabot which they played in Hot Springs that I think were really dwarves and 30 yrs old (grin).

I had a thought about letting Zach go with some of the other parents on Thursday evening and following up later on Friday but every time I mentioned it to him he would panic because I wasn't going to be there. He's only stayed overnight with family (with one exception and he was awake at midnight wanting to go home that time).

Zach and I got up early on Saturday and were able to go to another park across town to watch Jordan play in a softball tournament. She hit a home run and made her Nanny SO proud!

As soon as I pulled into the drive at home yesterday I changed shirts and we went to see the Chick's new baby. Jerri told us that Jillian is a very good baby and a VERY good eater! She doesn't waste a drop of her bottle.

Jerri took this photo when they were leaving the hospital yesterday. She has her wakeful moments but loves her sleep too (as you can see).


wanda said...

What a beautiful baby!!
I was hoping to see pictures of her today. Your family is so very blessed to have these precious angels. You must be a very proud and happy Granny this week. Not that you aren't always proud of them.

Brent said...

Congrats! Congrats! Now take a break and RELAX!!

Special K said...

Aw, what a little punkin. Congratulations, Nanaw!

Maria said...

Congratulations, gramma, what a beautiful baby.

Leslie said...

I think I just felt a surge of estrogen. She is so beautiful, Brenda. I just wanna kiss those cheeks and nuzzle her wee head in my neck.

You did good this weekend and by the sounds of it, so did Zach and Jordan.

Karen said...

Congrats Brenda *hugs* what an angel

Kim said...

I don't know where you get your energy from, no wonder you feel done it!

What a beauty Jillian is!

cassie-b said...

I think it's ok that you're a tired Nanny. You certainly keep busy with your family. Kudos

Such a cute baby

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby and you are a SUPER grandmother! Once again I live in envy of your proximity to your grandchildren.

David said...

That is one cute baby and I can tell one proud grandma.

Congrats to Zach on a great season.

Tine said...

WHOOOOOO, Congrats to all, Jillian is a VERY beautiful name and she looks like an angel. SOrry i'm late with the wishes