Sunday, July 17, 2005

A few photos before we head out.

Snuggling up to watch cartoons

Jillian opening her eyes for a peek and Nanaw.

Trish gave me some new photos of Jordan and Jaylen


Dawn said...

The picture of your grandchildren are really cute !!

Have a good one, Brenda !


wanda said...

You have such beautiful grandchildren!!!

Leslie said...

You're a lucky lady to have all those adoring little ones in your life. Wanna share? ;)

Sally said...

How adorable are they all? VERY!!
I got to see my "little" grandaughter today, and Ms. Brenda, she definitely looks in the family way! We'll know more on Weds. when the baby is due. She looks so pretty, has that glow, you know? I can hardly wait to have that little one in my arms like you're able to do now. :)