Thursday, July 14, 2005

I posted earlier today

But blogger was being a right old biddy and chose to throw my template format all off whack so I had to delete it to get it back in line. Patience is not exactly one of my best qualities ya know, and the older I get, the less patience I have.

Anyway, it's been a busy week and there's another tournament this weekend so I'll be finishing up my "Nanaw on the bench tan" and the "flat ass" look I've been going for.

Zach and I went today to see my little, old, black, man so I could pay the bills for the Improvement District for another month. Afterwards we went to visit the Chick and Jillian (Jerri and Bubbie too). Bubbie took the kids out to the pool to swim for a bit and then later they went to Sonic for icecream. Jerri told me she's pleased that he's been helping her more this time than he did when Alexis was born. I'm pleased because it means my son is growing up a little more and these little things make a Momma proud. I think he could do more though, and I think she's doing way too much!

Jerri is not feeling too sporty and will go see the doc tomorrow. She's having some sharp pains in her right side that are really making her very uncomfortable. She tried the pain pills the doc gave her but says all the do is make her sleepy and do little to help that pain. Mind you, the pain hasn't kept her from doing some laundry, cooking, and washing dishes! I understand that sitting around drives her batshit crazy but she's going to have to take it easier and let things heal before she dives in.

Jillian is such a good baby. I haven't heard her cry yet, just fuss a little once or twice when she was wanting her bottle. She acts all grown and stuff by holding her head up to look around and can wiggle herself out of a blanket in 2 seconds flat!

The Chick is being such a great big sister too! I really thought she'd be a tad jealous but she's not, and she's extremely protective of her baby. She's like a little whirlwind though so Jerri is going to have her hands full with a baby and a toddler for sure.

Trish is coming down tomorrow evening to see the baby and help out over the weekend. The Chick loves Jordan and Jaylen so they'll keep her entertained.


wanda said...

Oh how I remember those days. Being a Mommy with two babies is a handful under the best circumstances. Jerri really does need to try to take it easy. Don't want her to end up back in the hospital. Daddy really would have his hands full then.
I've been having problems with haloscan. It either won't take my comment or won't show up the comments I have.
I guess it's all part of 'free stuff' huh?

Tine said...

I hope Jerry can relax a little this weekend when Trish is coming to help her.

cassie-b said...

Have a nice weekend. It sounds busy.

David said...

Good on him for helping. Some men just have difficulty with babies. I love the shows where they are gagging while trying to change a diaper. My favorite - a man in a gas mask.

Mark said...

An old biddy?

Mary Lou said...

Big Son Oughta help! If Jerri just sat there would he do it? or is she the do it myself type? Donna was 4 when Tim was born, so I was pretty lucky, and Jim helped A LOT!!! I guess I was lucky!

Brent said...

Even a thousand miles away from home, studying everyday and taking tests, seems not quite as stressful as your week!! Hang in there!

Special K said...

Good to hear Bubbie is giving Jerri a hand. What would that woman get up to next if left to her own devices? Gutting the front room?

Sally said...

Wonderful that Trish is coming to help out, and great the cousins can be together to play! Thank goodness for loving family helping out in a pinch.

I pray to goodness that Jerri is okay! Take care and I know you'll be visiting also. Have fun!!!

Hoot Nannie said...

I thought your blog was having problems yesterday or either it was my computer.

Sure hope Jerri is OK. She probably has been doing too much & pulled something that should be healing. I hope Bubba keeps helping & maybe even doing more. Somehow most men don't see the things that need to be done & those same things drive us women crazy until they are done.

Glad Trish & girls are coming...they will be a big help to Jerri.

ENJOY your ballgames, Brenda! You have had a bunch of them this year.

Karen said...

I am glad you have pide moments - men are selfish without realizing it I think, thankfully its not all the time!!

Loving the updates *hugs* have a lovely weekend