Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another day in the land of Nanaw.

Yesterday flew by and I reckon it tired me out just a little cause I remember answering the phone around 7:30 this morning but I immediately laid back down and the next thing I knew the Chick was coming through the door announcing, "I'm Heeeeeeereeeeeeee!" That was some time around 9ish.

Our Friday afternoon activities included a tea party, fun with stickers, and a chat with Miss Jillian when she woke from her nap.


Cindra said...

Miss Jillian looks like she is really interested in whatever you are chatting about! Oh, the teaparty looks wonderful!

wanda said...

A tea party? I love tea parties.
Both the Chickie and Miss Jillian look quite happy and content to be at Granma's house.

Brent said...

OMG...I hated the sticker phases our kids went through. They were EVERYWHERE! I still find the odd one here and there in closets and drawers!

Phyllis said...

My boss came to work yesterday wearing two of a comb (in her hair of course), and the other on her blouse.
Too cute!!
That baby is just adorable!! Such a sweet face.

Dawn said...

The baby is so precious !! The chick is as cute as can be !! :)

Stickers.. GAH.. my nieces love them and seem to stick them everywhere !! LOL

Have a great weekend !! :)

cassie-b said...

I haven't been to a tea party in years! Sounds like fun.

Have a nice weekend.

Joe said...

OMG! A kings feast! I would be so full you would have to rool me to the potie! Love the pics!

Leslie said...

Tea parties, fun with stickers, and chats with li'l Chicklets sound like a perfect way to spend the day. Throw in a few naps, and you've got it made in the shade.

Hoot Nannie said...

I cannot believe how much that baby has already changed. She's as cute as that older sister. What pretty dishes you had at your tea party.

What a meal...wish I could have dropped in...I could be the Royalty, OK?

That exploding window would have scared me shitless. Then I would have had to change clothes. This HOT weather has worn out it's welcome!

Mary Lou said...

Thank Goodness you did not have the Hatchling with you in that truck. The glass would've been right on top of her!!

I learned in Nevada to always crack the window when I shut the door.

The hatchling is gonna be as cute as the chick when she gets older!

jerri mom of the chicks said...

OH MY those are the cutest 2 girls I have ever seen!!! LOL of course they are they are mine!!!! Just wanted to say hello to everyone and thanks for the kind words about my younguns!!!! Glad their stories and pics make some of your days brighter. Nannaw thanks for all of your help here lately! I really enjoied my mommy day with daddy even though we lost our ass at the casino. I've somewhat updated our site too.