Sunday, July 17, 2005

I should be sobbing with them, maybe,,,,

but I also feel like turning cartwheels cause baseball season just might be over for the year (I whispered that cause I don't wanna go and cause any bad mojo to rain down on me).

Our lads went into this tournament with several handicaps. Our third baseman moved after the state tournament, our first baseman moved to third where he got a bad leg injury in yesterday's game, our catcher had strep throat and played yesterday while sick and couldn't get outta the bed today, and one of our outfielders went on vacation. So the short and sweet of it is the lads just couldn't adjust to the loss of so many men and bit the dust today.

Their little, dirty, tear-stained faces were so sad to see. I wiped a tear or two but this old, tired nanny is so looking forward to a few short weeks of long days of no practices or ballgames. And now I get to spend some time watching these grandbabies grow!!

A funny thing happened to James yesterday at the ballpark (that I missed due to the fact that I stayed in a shady spot instead of walking all the way over to another ballfield to watch the t-ball players with him). Anyway, he was standing under a little, bitty, tree near the fence watching the t-ball players and this guy walks up and stands beside him and starts talking. He pretty much told him his life story which included various stories about his bitch of an ex-wife who was worthless,,etc,,etc.. After a bit he asks James where he's from and James tells him, "Lexa". The guy says, "Oh yeah? My ex-wife is from Lexa", so James asks him who is ex-wife is. The guy says, "Well you know that M****** bunch down there?" James says, "Yeah, I'm a M******". James says the guy turned to stone in an instant with his jaw hanging down to his chest and he stood there about a minute more than slowly eased on over to find another place to stand. It seems the guy was once married to one of James's cousins!


Mary Lou said...

Oh Man!! I thought you were going to say that he was married to your oldest daughter! LOLOL

(Whispering) aint it great when they finally lose, and you get your life back? They get over it sooooo fast though.

David said...

Okay you more than deserve the rest you are going to get and a gold medal to go along with it.

Go enjoy the new grandchild.

Joan said...

I bet that guy felt like a piece of poo, after telling your hubby all that stuff LOL..too funny.

Hope you get the rest you deserve soon enough!!

Holly said...

I feel the same way after soccer and football season (shh..) So thankful that it's all over.. for awhile.

However, both of my kids have decided on Tennis for this fall's "sport" tennis. i mean TENNIS... what the hell? Honestly, I'd rather it be football or soccer than tennis.. i've spent seasons learning the rules, the scoring, and now i have a whole NEW game to figure out.. ugh.


Cal said...

Ooops! Foot in mouth time! Enjoy your free time. You deserve it!

Cindra said...

Talk about mixed emotions, you're sad for the kids, but "secretly" happy for yourself. Been through that so many times.
Nver take your nasty feelings to a sporting event... it will only get you in trouble. Now we know why she left him.

Sally said...

Well? Is she a bitch? :)

me said...

Ha! I'll bet that guy won't wander around talking about people any more!

Yay for getting your time back. Even though I know the kids were disappointed, but sometimes I think they run the ballgames into the ground. There's so much it's not fun anymore.

Special K said...

Ha ha! Just goes to show you need to be careful who you run your mouth to, eh?