Friday, July 29, 2005

If you don't like my answer, don't ask!

Yesterday James asked me what I wanted for my birthday on Monday and before I could reply said, "but not that camera you want because that's too much money for a camera and you already have 3 cameras."

Well hell! Why'd he ask?

I'm going to remember that little conversation the next time he mentions this or that gun that he wants cause he already has 3 or 4 guns and why on earth would he need another one?

My cousin, Hop, called last night to find out what time I planned on arriving at the family reunion. I told him the only reason I was going was because he and his sweet wife Lisa and their family would be there (and my sisters and their families of course) and he said that was the only reason he was going to make the trip too and wanted to make sure he didn't arrive before we (my sisters and I and our families) did. Can you tell by this exchange what a thrill attending this annual event is for us? I didn't even go last year because I knew Hop wasn't going to be able to come from Alabama and his brothers weren't going to be able to make it either.

I reckon we're tagged as the "strange" relations because we say our hellos, give the obliging hugs, and then sit around outdoors talking, and laughing, and catching up on what we've missed in each other's lives. What makes us strange is that we don't CARE how much someone's new truck cost, or what the price tag was on the silver, or what the cousin's wedding dress set em back. These are very important things to my mother's oldest sister who is the hostess with the mostest at these events so our (Hop and Lisa, and my sister's, and I) lack of interest in these things kinda puts us outside the circle of love, if ya know what I mean?

Ya'll keep your fingers crossed that I can make it through another one of these without opening my big mouth to say what I really think, ok?


jerri said...

well nanny me and the girls will be there , I don't know yet if james is going...

Sally said...

Oh, come on now - open your mouth and spill it, then tell us what you said!!

I miss family reunions so much. Unfortunately the ones who set them up are now gone. I could "do" one here but no one would come. Heck if they didn't come to Mom's funeral, why would they come to my house. Oh no, I'm not bitter, not one "bit". :)

Hey, and about the camera - Happy birthday to you, and go out and buy that thing yourself!! You know when James wants a new gun, he's gonna do that. Right?

wanda said...

I agree with you about the birthday question. Why is it that men think guns are a necessity?

I'd think you voicing your opinion would be the highlight of the reunion!
I'm still loving that picture of the Chickie. She just looks so happy.

Hoot Nannie said...

hey, listen to Sally! Buy it yourself, maybe he won't even notice??????

Enjoy the part of the family you enjoy and leave the rest to their bragging. I think all family reunions kind of fall into that range of two or three groups.

Mark said...

I like your latest experiment in web page design. :)

Joan said...

Ms Brenda,

You are so talented...another new design, and I can't even make one to save my soul.

I think you should be asking for a gun for your birthday, and see the look on his face..a revolver maybe. he he

Lood luck on the reunion, or what I refer to as our annual personality clash.

Mary Lou said...

So why dont you have your OWN reunion with just the ones YOU like?

I would run right out TODAY and buy that camera if he had said that to me.

Oh Wait!! I DID do that! Jim told me I couldn't so I Did! My first 35MM camera with LENSES!! :)

He was soooo pissed...:) :)

Cindra said...

Love the new looks and tell me about the camera. What kind of camera is it? When you have grandchildren you can never have enough cameras. We, your adoring public, want you to have the latest greatest in cameras. So what is it?
(Also on the grandmother front, sometimes when one baby's arrival is announced a competition begins and another one is announced soon after... I may catch up with you yet. You still live closer to yours so I will be forever jealous.)

Brenda said...

Jerri ya'll had better be coming to the reunion. We've got another baby to show off!

Miz Sally, Nannie, and Mary lou don't think I haven't thought about buying it for myself. I reckon I'd better wait a bit though to see if the prices will go down a bit.

Wanda the way I figure it, men need guns to make them feel like,,,,,well,,,men! (shrugs shoulders) who knows!

Thank you Mark and Joan, if ya'll only knew how taxing it is on my brain cells to finally figure this stuff out!

Brenda said...

Cindra I really, really, want a Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT w/lens but I'd settle for an EOS Digital Rebel SLR w/lens. I reckon I'll start saving and buy it myself some day.

Brent said... we say what we know to be true, or do we disguise it? Give 'me hell, Brenda!!!

Brenda said...

LOL, if I do too much of that Brent I'd have to lay low for a long time.

Cal said...

Sounds to me you spend the time at these reunions doing the perfect thing. Who cares about the price of things. What's happening and who's doing what is what is really interesting!

cassie-b said...

I hear you about that money thing. I saw my brother after 9 years of now knowing where he was. I asked him how he was doing, and he told me he made $100,000 last year. I said "No Jxxx, how are you doing?" answer was that he was going to make $110,000 next year. Really warms your heart, doesn't it?

John Strain said...

My mouth was watering over the 350D as well. I finaly settled for the Canon S2 IS. You can get it for about $450 at Amazon. The thing I liked is the 12X optical zoom which translates to a 435 mm lens. There are a lot of manual functions and settings to play with and it has a good video component.

Give it a look.

Leslie said...

I guess that makes it just about a year ago that you got Ya Ya? It's hard to believe another whole year has flown by.

It's nice that there are so many kids in the family to help create diversions from all the "here we go again" same ol' stuff. We've got a few blowhards in our family that we only seem to see at funerals. Gee, I wonder why? ;)

And hats off to you for all the work you've done here, Brenda. It really is nice; you're a smart cookie.

Tine said...

If all your kids and JAMES throw the money together, it's not that expensive anymore ;-)

me said...

Hey, that doesn't sound like too many cameras to me! Just tell him you want money, then you can go get what you want.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Tazzy just HATES taking me anywhere that involves me yapping to people I don't really agree with.

Cute Wee Me find's it impossible to keep my mouth shut. The way I see it is that if I don't agree, or think somethings stupid or irrelevent, then I say so. To keep schtum and say nothing wouldn't be me and I don't change myself for anyone.

Go for it girl! Open the mouth and let the words flow! You'll end up feeling great for speaking your mind and they'll undoubtedly spend some time afterwards reflecting on what you had to say, whether they admit it or not.

Don't hold your opinion back for anyone (without very good reason). Your words ARE just as valid as theirs.


Anonymous said...

When my son was five (he's twenty-two now), his great-uncle said something mean to him at a family reunion. It was rude and uncalled for, and had I not been raised by a Southern mother who expected me to behave like a lady, I would have spoken up, but I was chicken (age has made me FAR more assertive, thank God). My little boy, however, had NOT been brought up to be a lady, so he looked his great-uncle straight in the eye and retorted very loudly, "You bastard!" Out of the mouths of babes...

CJ said...

Well shoot fire & save the matches... went and missed your birthday! :(

Hope you had a lovely and you know one of the nicest things about a birthday is celebrating it all week long, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day later Brenda! ((hugs)) ^!^ ^!^

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