Thursday, July 07, 2005

Awake enough to finally read the news

And the first thing that comes up on the screen is the terrorist bombings in London. I am so sorry for these people who were just trying to go about their work day with no thought of having to deal with these murderers. I have no idea how we, as a civilized people, are going to deal with these mad men. Perhaps we should stop allowing them into our countries to be educated and cared for. Perhaps it's time we closed our borders to an entire cultural nationality since we can't seem to distinguish the honestly good people from the bad. What is wrong with these people that they hate the morals and ideals of freedom and democracy?


David said...

I don't think that will stop them. They already have cells in the U.S. and are completely assimilated into the European culture. The only way to fight them is to hunt them down and eliminate them. You cannot reason with them at all. Life means nothing to them.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

One of the things which has continually puzzled me is the fact fact that some of our own nationals have joined this band of lunatics.

Both here in the UK and over there in the US, we've experienced our OWN citizens going off to training camps in Afghanistan etc.

People who were born and raised in our own country. Educated in our own country. Been loved and supported by the people in our own country. How do they repay us? Some of them go off to learn the 'skills' of terrorism and destroy our lives.

It doesn't matter if we close our borders - They are already among us.

That frightens me greatly.

Sally said...

So, so sad. I wish someone had the answers. God help us all.

TW said...

Good ideas, Brenda. My thoughts are that they don't understand freedom and democracy. Fine. They can stay over there and live the way they prefer, and we can stay in the western world and live the lives our soldiers, parents, and ancestors have fought for.

Anonymous said...

There are no easy answers. I have always tried to maintain an open mind to understand other cultures, but I don't understand a culture of killing innocent people. Some might say that is what we are doing in Iraq, but I would disagree and say also that we don't fight as cowards. We face the enemy when it has the courage to make itself seen and doesn't slink around in the shadows. I guess I am a little hot about this. Sally is right, God help us all.

kb said...

It is sad. I don't understand people that would hate others so badly that human life means nothing.

Leslie said...

Sweet Jesus. Those poor people -- their families -- their right to go about their daily lives as they see fit....gone. My God this is a scary time in which we live.

The only country yet to be hit of the five on their list is Canada.

Cal said...

Everyone is on a frontline nowadays it seems.

wanda said...

Piggy is so right.
I don't think we can stop them. Closing our borders won't help. They're already here. Besides we have our own home grown terrorist. Look at Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and Eric Rudolph. They hated Muslims AND Americans. McVeigh hated our government so he blew up a government building. Who the hell knows what motivated Nichols. And Rudolph hated abortionist so he blew up abortion clinics. I have no idea who he hated that made him set off the bomb at the Olympics. Maybe he just hated games.
Hate knows no nationaly, religion or culture. Much like poverty, famine, disease, murder, rape and torture. Yes, there is much evil in our world.