Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thursday already!

I have a list of things a mile long to do today to prepare for this weekend's state tournament,

Buy snacks & cigs, and extra batteries
drinks for the cooler
laundry supplies (miniture stuff)
fill up with gas
GET SOME MONEY from the bank

Pick squash
cook supper
cry some more because I won't be there in the morning when the new baby arrives

Make sure the greedy Ya-Ya has fresh food and water and clean his cage
cry again (this really doesn't need to be on the list cause it's been pretty spontaneous)
Cook supper
Get the terrorist to ANOTHER ball practice this evening

Did I mention that their first game is at 9 a.m. tomorrow which means I will have to get my lazy ass outta the bed before 5 in the morning to load the truck, wrestle with a cranky kid, and be on the road to Little Rock by 5:30? (players have to check in at the park by 8)

I'm tired already so I better get this coffee down and get started.


Sally said...

Oh my - the baby tomorrow? I pray all goes well.

Have fun, Brenda with the "boys" and the ballgame!

wanda said...

Oh boy! A new baby! I can hardly wait for pictures.