Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hell on wheels

It's just hot! And I love summer hot, but this is hell hot people! The air is so humid and sticky ya can't hardly breath it in and there is not a single breeze going on to break it up. It doesn't make for even tempers either. Hubby came home early on Friday and has been here nearbout constantly since then. I finally had enough in Wal Mart today when we stopped in to pick up some things we were out of. He made one of his famous, snide, smartass, remarks and I let him have it with,

"Allll righty then, you'd best shut your mouth cause I'm in no mood for your hateful, asshole, antics today and if you say ONE MORE WORD we're gonna throw down right here in the checkout line in Wal Mart, if these folks will kindly move out of the way!"

I don't know if he believed me or not cause we're still not speaking much.


Cindra said...

Can you imagine Wal Mart using that in one of their commercials where they catch snippets of conversations of their customers as they stroll through the store. I think you need to submit that to them. What a hoot!!! It's supposed to cool down here by the end of the week. What is cool? 88?

David said...

You just keep that heat up there. We have cooled off and are getting rain to boot. But we have already had 10 days over 100 this year compared to 1 last year.

Stay cool.

Cal said...

We are complaining here because it is cold again! I think I'd rather have that than your heat and humidity however! Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

Sally said...

It's hotter than heck here too, and makes it so hard to get outside work done. Man, I wish I'd been in WalMart; honey - I'd a been outta your way in a hurry! :)

Holly said...

You said it girl. It's so damned humid the sky is oozing here. Makes me a tad pissy too. Thankfully husband has been apologetic when he has incurred my wrath lately. wonder what he's afraid of?