Friday, October 22, 2004


People who have access to younguns should take advantage of their amazing abilities to remember things. They could throw away all those blasted sticky notes (I have a shit-load of these) and balls of string they have lying around as memory jogging tools.
Honestly folks, kids remember EVERYTHING and you can especially count on them to remember things that you've said with unconscious thought.

The other day the Chick was making her rounds with one of her books. She'll take it to everyone in the room (and amazingly, she seems to know the age group of those who can read) and each person has to take their turn to read the story to her. About the second time that your turn comes around, she wants more interaction with the story such as sound effects, and likes for you to ask her questions about the pictures in the book. Big Bird's Day on the Farm was the preferred book of the day.

During my second turn, we came to the last page where Big Bird, Floyd, and Ruthie, were gathered at the table having a farm grown and raised lunch and we were discussing the items on the menu.

Milk (comes from the cow)
Salad (comes from the garden)
Honey (comes from the bee hives)
Bread (comes from the wheat)

Then we come to the picture of the eggs.

This Nanny was on her second trip through this book in an hour and decided to throw a curve ball at the little tyke.

Eggs (comes from a chicken's butt)

Then her Mommy pipes up,

Milk (comes from a cow's boobies)

Ask the Chick today where honey comes from and she won't remember, but ask her about the eggs and milk.

Go on, I dare ya.

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