Monday, October 25, 2004

My Bad Bird

Ya-Ya is spoiled rotten and I swear sometimes he (although I'm not certain of the sex yet) doesn't know he's a bird. If he's in his cage in the kitchen and I leave the kitchen/living room area, he raises 9 kinds of hell until I'm back in sight. If I let him out he follows every step I make and if he fails to keep up, raises hell some more until he finds me. His wings are clipped so he can only do the short hop flights so mostly he follows me on his little birdie feet. We have to be careful around here so as not to step on his little birdie head. He loves to perch on my feet when I'm cooking dinner or at the computer.

His favorite perch is on the back of my chair when we're watching tv. He loves to have his head and the back of his neck rubbed and when I sing his song, "Bad Bird" (sung to the tune of the "Cops" song) he runs back and forth across the back of my chair bobbing his head.

Here are photos of a pissed off Ya-Ya the other day when we went outside without him.
He's standing at the door raising hell.

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