Thursday, October 07, 2004

Pooped old Nanny

My feet hurt, my legs HURT, and I know my back will be sore tomorrow, but I had a pretty good day. The only problem I've come across with volunteering for this Blues Fest is how disorganized things are in the beginning.

I arrived at the Main beer tent (which they've moved to the end of Cherry Street now so it's over a half a block further to hike)and was told that we could start selling beer at 11:00. There were 6, long galvonized tubs, and about 11 or 12 #3 galvonized wash tubs.


I had the key to the ice boxes and started putting a layer of ice in each tub to be ready for the beer while I waited for someone to come to unlock the beer truck. I also had to wait for them to bring the soft drinks and I think it was close to 1:00 before they ever delivered the water. The bags of ice were large and too heavy, the beer came in 30pks so those were pretty hefty to carry around to unload as well but more help soon arrived and we were finally stocked, chilled, and selling our stuff. After that we just had to make sure to keep the tubs stocked with ice and beer as they got low.

Then, our radio had an almost dead battery so I couldn't contact the beverage manager the one time I needed to, but as I was leaving, I ran into her and told her the tent was 1 person short when I left so I suppose she took care of it.

Hopefully I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow so I can go help for another few hours.

Two of the ladies I worked with today. They came to the Fest from OK.

Some of today's Blues fans. Friday and Saturday they'll be packed on that levee like sardines!

The cajun vendor who sells the alligator. I'll try to get down there and try some of that tomorrow to let ya'll know what it's like.

I'm not sure I'm woman/man enough to try this guy's BBQ.

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