Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One of Those Days

It didn't start out too good around here. I was up at 6 and then, before I could even get my second cup of coffee and talk Zach into getting dressed for school, Jami was here with the MeriKate and Abie for me to watch while she went to a meeting. I gotta tell you, if someone expected me to be at a meeting by 7 they could just kiss my big, old, tired ass. Even if I did make the meeting, they'd be sorry they ever ask me to come that early in the morning for sure.

So, I got the girls settled in front of the tv with colors and coloring books and came in here to post to my blog and see what my blog buds have been up to. My site would not open, the Blogger site would not open. I felt as though there'd been a death in the family!

I finally gave up and got my shower and after the girls went home, drove into town to buy more groceries (I swear they inhale food around here like a coke addict does cocaine). I went to my favorite of all places to shop, (Wal Mart) where they most likely have my mug on a Wanted Poster back in the Employee's lounge. (That's how they honor you as a disgruntled, bitchy, take no shit, customer ya know). Naturally I ran into everydamnbody in the world who knows your name while I was there and had to be courteous and stuff.

As I was getting ready to make my escape I saw the mother of one of the football boys who played ball for years with my son and I tried to quietly back down the aisle so as not to have to be courteous and stuff some more, but she caught me and followed my retreat to tell me that ESPN had been trying to get in contact with my son for an interview for the piece they're doing about Hometown football teams (or something like that. I only half-ass listen to stuff and then it comes back to bite me on the butt on occasions like this). ESPN is supposed to be at the game on Friday night and they're interviewing some of the players who were part of this team's (Barton Bears) record breaking tradition. I gave her his cell number and got away.

On my way home I stopped in at Jerri's shop to tell her that someone would be calling Bubbie about an interview and the Chick decided that she wanted to go home with me. After I got her settled in to watch cartoons, I hurriedly slipped out to unload the groceries from the truck. After we (yes, she helped) put away the grub, we settled in to watch Dora The Explorer and Blues Clues. I was about to be shocked to see Blues and Magenta behind the same screen changing into their Halloween costumes until Steve called Blue she a time or two and my shock turned into surprise to find out that Blue IS A GIRL! (Blue just sounds like a boy's name to me I guess).

When it was time for the school bus, we went outdoors to sit on the porch and wait for Zach to come home. After homework we went back out to play for awhile and I was attacked by this MONSTER BUG!

The Chick was in my lap as it was crawling up my leg and as I was trying to get the damned thing off me the Chick abandoned my lap in a hurry cause as much as she loves her Nanny, she wanted no part of that BUG. Zach came over and caught it and put it in a Sprite bottle so he could keep it for a pet.

That only lasted as long as it took the BUG to get enough of captivity and release his pretty stinky defense mechanism and Zach released him into the wild, really fast.

We also had some chocolate.

Nanny is tired now and she sure is glad that Blogger is over he/she/it's Wednesday crisis.

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